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Bring Back Our Sons And Our Generals: Reading The Mind of the Nuer Community.

An open letter to Changson Leaw Chang.

By Kalany Tekjiek Nyany.

Gabriel Changson Lew Chang wildlife minister
Gabriel Changson Lew Chang, the then wildlife minister address some officers under Salva Kiir regime before defecting and redefecting from the SPLM/SPLA under Dr. Riek Machar Teny(Photo: file)

Jan 04, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- When a child who was once upon a time well behaved, well-mannered and enjoyed the love of the family tends to ignore and abandon, and goes against the dignified values and norms of his/her family, it is always a paramount duty of the concern family to forge for correcting measures deploy in order to get back the mind of their beloved child.

Based on your records and characters, Leaw, no single son or a daughter has to spell out to you how much the Nuer community at large loves you and owes you a respect as you happened to be among the few sons and daughters that are regarded as ‘’pure in hearts and clean in hands’’, meaning those descendants are non-violent propagators amongst the community populations, non-spoilers of the community peace, unity and progress, non-betrayers and traitors. Therefore, as I read from the mind of the Nuer community at large as well as individual’s views of you, the community cannot afford to lose you and be regarded as ‘peace destroyer’ because the community still loves you and wants you with your group back to the victorious movement, the SPLM/A-IO. The community already has enough betrayers and traitors with the genocidal regime in Juba who days and nights put to shame the community dignity and values through their SSTV interviews where the regime gives them what to say against their own community in exchange for breads. We don’t need more!

           Bring back our sons, our Generals dear Changson!.

Stop trading our renowned Generals for position Leaw!. Remember, at the onset of the Nuer genocide in Juba by the regime, powerless mothers, fathers and armless Nuer youths shed litters of tears for the unforgettable lost of their loved ones snatched from their arms and slaughtered by regime, no single Nuer political post holder (ministers and governors) came into their rescue but only our sons, our Generals emerged in a rescue mission and swept off from our faces as a community the shedding litter of tears. All the Nuer political post holders serving under the regime succumbed to the love for their positions and ‘let go to hell’ their screaming community for help as the unlash dogs of war were dispersed to all the Nuer neighborhoods to execute the regime’s well planned massacre on the Nuer nation, while the Nuer politicians including the then General chief of staff, the community ultimate traitors and betrayers abandoned their community on cross roads where their dead bodies littered the roads sides and instead took refuge at the homes of their Dinka friends in the period of the community’s ‘’Darkest teen days’’.

Dear Changson alongside with other few Nuer politicians, you heeded to the screaming voices for help from our mothers and fathers and joined our Generals in the bushes fighting to liberate and to restore the dignity of the abused Nuer nation. Should you once again listen to the community calling voices demanding you with your faction to reunite with your victorious movement the SPLM/A-IO before the formation of TGONU, you will for lifetime continue to enjoy the glory of your community manifested upon you, but failure to comply with the demand of reuniting, the community shall be left with no choice but only to be prepared to swear in another Nguen Manytuil ,Riek Gai kok,Kun Puoch, Hoth Mai, and their likes, the lords of the Ring for traitorousness and betrayal in the Nuer history in the 21st century.

The Nuer perception of your MOU signed in Nairobi.

The recently signed road map for peace between your faction and the genocidal regime in Juba contradicts your previous claims leading to the split from the mother SPLM/A-IO in July last year.

The Nuer community only interprets and translates this Memorandum Of Understanding signed between your faction and the regime as follows:

  • Exchanging the lives of our sons, our Generals for positions which you can still attain through uniting with SPLM-IO. Those generals would only head straight to their life serving jails or grave yards once they get back to the hands of the already troubled regime in juba, if only you listen not to the community voice demanding your group to reunite with SPLM-IO and instead continue to pursue your MOU with the regime. The past would justify the future, Gen.Tanginya’s two years imprisonment in juba explains the future.
  • Providing a destroying mechanism to the so called-Jieng council of Elders who by the help of sealed envelopes would use our renowned Generals to wage war against CPA2 which is seen as the extreme threat by the regime because attached to it is a justice form for the victims’ families. The CPA2 provides no safe haven for the perpetrators of the war and the traitors will have no room for accommodations in the midst of their respective communities across the country.
  • Providing to the Jieng Council of Elders an escape route from justice the whole country is longing for, should you continue to sing dinning songs with the regime.
  • Prolonging the suffering of the people of upper Nile should your faction continue to pursue its individual gains by joining the regime rather than the national interest propels by the CPA2.
  • Denying yourself the fact that you went to the bush to liberate your abused people but a quest for a political position from the regime after losing one in 2013

The victorious SPLM/A-IO

When the regime realized that it was out of context of ruling a sovereign state, and with the acknowledgement of the civil populations that the regime was no longer representing them in the eyes of the wider world but a bunch of looters and killers, they whispered to the ears their leaders of choice assuring them of success comes 2015 general elections which the regime had successfully managed to kill along with hundredth of thousands South Sudanese people in order to clinger on power and continue its looting and killing mechanisms . The regime invited and cornered its well known looter of the region and instability propagator ally, the Museveni of Uganda who gave the regime a green light to kick off the instability of the world’s youngest nation and assured it of its full military support should there be any resistance from the targeted!. The SPLM/A-IO was born in the midst of an atmosphere clouded with windstorms and brimstones as the Ugandan war plans tested their cluster bombs on civil population fighting to resist the regime. The war was so exciting and interesting on the side of the regime as many hands joined the regime and penetrated what the regime saw as the territory of the enemy. Our sons, our Generals, the SPLM/A-IO founders backed by the ‘white Army and Gojom’ stood their grounds against the invading destroying allied forces of the regime until a very remarkable SPLM/A-IO allied force, the CPA2 emerged and reinforced the SPLA-IO and finally defeated the regime with all its allied forces ,the UPDF, M23 and the Sudanese rebels groups whose chain of commands based in Kampala, Uganda. S. Sudan as a nation through the alliance of SPLM/A-IO and the CPA2 is finally back to the hands of its rightful owners, the South Sudanese people. Shame to the destroyers!.

Our unity, our strength!!.Your Excellency Dr.Riek Machar Teny, with your other colleagues in the leadership of SPLM-IO, keep the doors of the Movement open for all the armed groups fighting the injustice of the regime across the country, mediate among yourselves to iron out any possible hindrance that may be exploited by the regime to cause further cracks on the wall of the movement. Declare an amnesty for return to all our sons and daughters that might have gone their ways due to any inconvenience along the way to freedom and liberty sealed in the CPA2.

Before your return to Juba your excellency, leave no Generals in the bush to continue to fight unnecessary war. It is time to focus on developing our country from East to West and from South to North. It is time to restore the abused dignity of our civil populations. It is time to restore the broken social fabrics of our diverse communities. No time to fight more senseless wars again.

To all the die-heart supporters of the movement, let us all embrace the CPA2 and its implementations. Let’s not help the regime to escape the wrapped up justice form, the hybrid courts which serves to pave a way to single out the war perpetrators as their name shall be fully made public by the body of inquiry. The signs and symptoms of defeat of the regime can easily be seen in juba right?.

Congratulations Jinuniin for the overwhelming victory!!.




Viva South Sudan

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Editorial Team.


Iual deng January 4, 2016 at 5:15 am

Mr kalany
Please could you shut up your mouth and leaves changson a lone because you did not know any thing about agreement between south Sudan and changson group. Let me educate you about what happened between changson group and government for signing what it is dubbed memorandum which mean an open channel of communication between government and their group ,but you just jump in because you heard false gossip from machar group telling you changson group want to join government ,but let me assure you, Mr would never go back to government for a lot of good seasons because Mr escape death when the juba massacres occurred and also Mr changson is a man with strong heart and he will never betray nuer like you thought. What your article a bout is slanderous and you try to sabotage Mr changson his reputation of being a good nuer. Mr changson lost many people in juba carnage who are family members. Mr changson was disowned machar because machar could not deliver any thing and he just try to repeat what he did in 1991where was sit under tree in Nasir and when his soldiers asked him where are the guns and he replied that we would bring them very soon until the movement dissolved and he went to Garang to apologised,and he left all his generals beyond. That is what he try to repeat again, but if you to lambast changson for his action it looks like absurd. Please leave changson alone he will win believed me because machar is incompetent and let accept that.

Naath United January 5, 2016 at 1:22 am

If you understand what mr changson signed,why you are up set about the point made by Kalany. I think, we should be thinking night and day about the suffering nuer are going through.

As you mentioned,Mr changson’s relative were massecare in Juba in 2013, then, he forgotten by speaking to killer representative of gangsters in juba. It would be wise for your not even not mentioned the sorrow changsong’s families memeber had gone through in which he (changsong) has no one killed by criminal in juba. If had some one that was trtured or burned alive, he wouldn’t think of leaving all the nuer sons,daughter, women, fathers,youth,elderly people to just surrendering to a person kill you entire community that you are always part of it.

This peace, has involved many world leaders in which has no comparison to 2002 Riek Reunification with garang.Plus, no peace was stablished between 2 factions back then that could rise doubt of Riek is just luring nuer in to criminal kiir. Riek machar, learn alot than any one in south sudan for he has been hated by many people that no clue how south sudan became independent state.

Let wait, the finish line is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viva Nuer Nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Viva Dr Riek Machar
Viva Todos los soldados en todos lugares…….
Viva South Sudan
the heart of Nuer Nation….

Gargai January 5, 2016 at 3:18 am

You are forgetting that Machar’s group is also talking to the Juba government. I don’t think it’s wrong for them to talk to the Juba government as well.

Gatgach Gatluak January 5, 2016 at 9:00 pm

Nuer, including their educated people, are useless .

Only two years, you divided yourselves into more than ten groups of aimless rebellion .

The good thing is that the entire world ,nowadays, know that Nuer is a useless community in South Sudan.

For example, did you hear Troika or IGAD condemned the creation of 28 states, which is contrary to the peace agreement, because they found that you are worse than thieves in East Africa.

This is not a joke, the whole world and in particular the United States of America took an important note about you.

Mr.Mayardit is gaining reputation internationally for his tireless effort to lead untamed animals.

Due to your division, Riek Machar Teny becomes worthless than toilet paper in the eye of international communities.

Good Luck.


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