Absence of effective political institutions is a major problem in our country’s politics.

By Gatmai Gatluak Chuol Jut,


South Sudan parliament ...
South Sudan parliament …

July 05, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Lack of institutionalization has contributed to the inability of our country to establish and sustain political order. South Sudan lacked strong, coherent, adaptable political institutions. Political parties are much disorganized as evidenced by, inefficient bureaucracies, and low degree of popular participation in public affairs. This article aims at providing a clear picture of how ineffective the existing institutions are.

The constitutional and legislative provision; is there a clear division of roles and responsibilities between the president and parliament on the security matters; and clear relations between the different constitutional/legal players. What is the attitude of the military towards civilians in defence affairs and politicians with defence responsibilities?

The way for the legislature to effectively scrutinize the executive is through the democratic imperative of the right to know on behalf of the people about the plans of the government, more especially the general directions of the authorities’ thinking prior to policy decision-making. A similar form should exist towards the media, NGOs, the civil society and the public as a whole.

Parliament. The main responsibility for parliamentarians is to provide effective oversight on the different areas of executive power, such as the scrutinizing of policy-making. This not only implies overseeing the different processes, but also to expose the cases where executive action does not match with the declaratory policy. The constitutional provisions that underpin the right to know are therefore essential to enable parliament to exercise oversight and promote civilian supremacy.

It is impossible for there to be meaningful oversight if the legislature is denied access to information about the general directions of the administration’s thinking before policy decisions are taken. Kiir have never respected any of the above institutions in exercising their constitutional mandate as prescribed in the transitional constitution of the Republic of s.sudan. This tendency has today caused us the worst deteriorating human security.

Why Salva kiir killed innocent Nuer civilians last year.

The above discussed facts have in some points contributed to the Dec 2013 mass murder of the innocent Nuer civilians by dictator kiir and his gangs. Last year’s killing was not coincident but rather was an intended plan to clear off the Nuer tribe from south Sudan. not knowing that Nuer were created by the Living God like any other tribe on this planet earth. Any individual or group that threatens their existence is the enemy of God and should first start with him or herself.

Salva kiir failed to understand that politics is not about killing civilians or having power, but he (kiir) should know that politics is all about honor .now that he (kiir) have killed innocent civilians, what honor would he get . Killing your fellows’ countrymen and women in the name of coup attempt which the whole world denied including his close ally president Museveni of Uganda does not make any sense.

My question is, did kiir really kill Nuer civilians because Dr. Machar challenged him? Probably not, and If yes then where on earth has he (kiir) ever heard that a sitting president is never challenged especially when he/she is leading the country in wrong directions. The presidential post is not for one person, it is a competitive post which is to be shared by qualified elected person willing to execute their duty effectively, promote effective rules of laws, peace and unity, freedom and equality among his electorate. Politics is like food we eat every day, in our homes, our bodies need balance diet.

I believe he (kiir) cannot eat one type of meal over a time. Take note on this; when one does not know how to cook in restaurant, he/she is advised to leave quietly without causing any act of violent simply because they knows that the task is not for learners, it require expertise. This gives room to the skilled and well experienced cooks to take up the task in the restaurant.

Same should apply to him (kiir), when his political opponent in the party challenged him, he (kiir) should understand them. Challenge is part of our daily life experience that we cannot avoid much less when he is not a king. His coup attempt claim cannot justify the killing of innocent Nuer civilians which he (kiir) mercilessly murdered in cold blooded.

South Sudanese fought against Khartoum regime for very long time because of bad rule and marginalization of the south Sudanese in which he (kiir) was a member of the armed revolutionary that took up their arms against the Khartoum regime for decades of civil wars. After achieving what we wanted, Salva kiir cannot turn his gun to us the citizens that put him in that sit in 2010 general election. This is total betrayal which must be deal with. It need to be done now before he kill all of us.

Support the SPLM/A In Opposition under the lead of Dr. Riek Machar to tackle this authoritarian regime in juba for peace, justice , unity, freedom of speech and expression, fundamental Human Rights, stability, real democracy to roll in our nation s.sudan. our nation is young but we, the citizens are not young, we have well qualified men and women which have acquire excellent education from good universities and which are willing to save our nation . Dr. Machar and the SPLM/A in opposition are the only hope we have for the restoration of peace, unity, and stability, federalism and permanent constitution in our nation s.sudan. I encourage you my fellow citizens of s.sudan to have faith and belief in Dr. Machar and the SPLM/A in opposition, let us joint our hands together in bringing peace and stability to our beloved country. They are in bush today because they were forced to, by the enemy of peace in juba; it was never their intention to be out there.

We don’t have to live in slavery in our own country, thus we must do something to end the continuous suffering of our people. We will never be happy as long as Salva kiir and his gangs are still in power. Kiir’s government is half-hearted in its commitment to transparency and open government. This has been evidenced by the failure of democratic oversight.

My dear concerned citizens, we need a government which is opened, because openness is a precondition for the emergence of a security community of NGOs, academics who pay attention to these affairs, and for informed coverage of security issues in the print and broadcast media. This is important because it generate information and promote, facilitating the engagement of citizens at large. There is much work which needs to be done ahead of us. We need the following institutions to have independence’ (1) parliament, (2) judiciary, (3) the media, and so forth.

Gatmai Gatluak Chuol Jut is an independent writer and a graduate of International Relations and Diplomacy living in Kampala Uganda. He can be reached through ggatmai@gmail.com or tel;+256785209813.

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