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By Nicholas Osobi,

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Red-footed Tortoise Shell Natural Bone WOK-2381.

Oct 05, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– A tortoise spoke to two young boys in Moli on Monday. The two boys reportedly emerged from their hideouts at dawn and went to uproot some cassava when they heard a voice calling from a creek.

Shaking with fear, the boys edged toward the creek so as to get glimpse of the person speaking, but only to get dismayed by what they saw. It was not a human being as they had thought, but a tortoise speaking.

The tortoise introduced itself in classic ‘burulo (language of the native Moli) that even elders of the land couldn’t avoid scratching their heads while trying to grasp the meaning of what the tortoise spoke. The elders however claimed that some of the phrases employed by the tortoise were military oath used by their great ancestors when going for war, and that they would often chant it few times to invoke the ancestral spirits.

“Mojiko guli! Oku pkwo, pkwo ngoroko. Mgba andizia muse ni pasi luu,” (Military oath)

The tortoise continued,

“Weep not my children, weep not!

For I’ve heard your cry,

And have seen enough of your tears rolling.

Weep not my children, weep not!

Whoever it was that took away your cassava, shall surely choke of it.

And whoever it was that took away your sheep, too shall face my wrath.

Weep not my children, weep not!

Only if you knew that you’re not alone,

Only if your tormentors knew whose children you’re.

Weep not my children, weep not!

Your foes will cease before river liro dries up,

Your nemeses will cease before the grasses on mountain foki turns to ashes.

I created Nyola and Muku. Trust my words and weep no not…………”

Although the encounter defied the understanding of the two teenage boys, it was not unfamiliar thing to the traditional elders of the land. They call the tortoise by name and refers to it as “Oku Jomboloko.” The tortoise is said to have been revered throughout the history for its supernatural power to grant victory for the sons of the land during the time of war. The tortoise is small in size but you cannot carry it above the height of your knees as it gains weight with height.

During Anyanya 1 war with the Arabs, the natives believe it would make the freedom fighters invisible to their foes (the jalabas). So it is not by coincidence that the dinka soldiers in Ma’diland are having similar experience. The testimony of the fleeing Malong’s child soldiers that the fighters in Ma’diland are invisible, only attest to this theory.

It is still not clear what sort of doom awaits the primitive dinkas soldiers in ma’diland as the tortoise never detailed its operational plan. Some believe by chanting military oath at the beginning of its speech it may take an active combat role, while others believe it may send epidemics such as cholera targetting the invaders but all these still remain a mere speculation until Oku Jomboloko is seen in action.

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king kong October 5, 2016 at 2:54 pm

I, believe so dear Osobi, our great ancestry spirits bestowed in Oku Jomboloko, Nyugandeng and Nyikangoo the will never forsake US.
They fight kiir’s govt untill kiir’s defeated to ashes soon.
Supernatural spiritual war against beny-Beth . Start from Juba land in Ma’diland.

GatNor October 6, 2016 at 6:05 pm

A brave TORTOISE that must be. God forbid, the pathetic Jaang Councils of Evils might search and decree to kill every tortoise in the country let alone those in the region of Equatoria.. Interesting story though.

Herbert Azaria October 15, 2016 at 3:47 pm

such miracles happen especially during war so do not panic let us expect what will happen .


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