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A Professional Liar With International Audiences: A Response To Eric Reeves’s Concocted Saga

By James Nguen,

Eric Reeves a Professor of English turned Sudan/South Sudan political "expert"(Photo: file)
Eric Reeves a Professor of English turned Sudan/South Sudan political “expert”(Photo: file)

July 16, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Eric Reeves is a Senior Fellow at Harvard University’s Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Centre for Health and Human Rights and a professor of English Language and Literature at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. Surprisingly, he has built his credentials as an advocate, analysis and researcher on the Sudan’ problem based on concocted lies, promoted by Eric’s self-centred hatred against Sudanese Muslims in the Republic of Sudan.

For decades, most of Reeves’s untested lies on the Sudan’s problems and who should be blamed for such ordeals has given Eric leverages and exponential supports among South Sudanese not because they were truth stories but because they serve their political interests.

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The only audiences unaware of this are Eric Reeves’ international audiences. Particularly well wishes Christians who truly meant to help South Sudanese people. These God’s people were lied to by Eric, BIG TIME.

In numerous occasions, it became apparently clear that Professor Reeves is feeding his international audiences relentlessly without remorse while South Sudanese continued to avoid confrontation with Eric because his lies served their political interests during the war and thus has worked perfectly well for them.

For one, Eric Reeves comes from white privileged background, and it also happened he is a professor at Northampton College, which helped masked his central hatred for Muslims in the Sudan and white lie with straight face.

Because Eric has strong hatred against Muslims in the Sudan, this coupled with the fact that South Sudanese military elites were fighting Khartoum in the 1990s and desperately needed a deceitful while American of Eric Reeves’ characters and status, to help them sell their political agenda in Washington. Eric was a perfect recruit and helped served and fulfilled such interests role for the SPLM/A.

Within short span of time, Reeves became a magnet crusader for South Sudan’s political agenda and a launch pad to galvanize Americans’ faith groups, particularly Christians supporting South Sudan’s causes based on fabricated truth. One example that stood out is the “slave children redemption project” in Northern Bhar El Ghazal in the 1990s. This project was sponsored by well wishes Christians around the globe based on loved for humanity, unaware that Eric was part and parcel fabricating it.

This tact of deception worked well following dramatized emotional charged based on lies and misinformation. Unchallenged, some unfounded lies from Eric became real truths for Eric Reeves’ international audiences.

Under this perfect marriage between Reeves and the SPLM/A, Reeves thrived and gained fame and he became a bridge, “go to man” between Sudanese and those who wanted to help them on humanitarian ground while unaware about Eric’s lie about what was really happening in the Sudan.

I must reinstate that all South Sudanese both at home and aboard were well versed about this deceitful political marriage between Reeves and South Sudan military wings. Our people were reluctant correcting Eric’s lies purposely because such lies served a strategic political interest for South Sudan rebels.

This reluctant gave Reeves ample ground to keep misinforming his international audiences with unfounded truths on the Sudan’ wars including the 2003 Darfur’s crisis where Reeves has written intensively including claimed of genocide. (http://sudanreeves.org/2004/12/15/khartoums-janjaweed-militia-allies-burning-children-alive-august-2-2004).

For example, on June 17, 2013, Reeves misinformed his audiences by writing an outright lie that Khartoum has no evidence that Juba was supporting the SPLA-N, JEM and SLA rebels when in fact, we the people of South Sudan have full knowledge that Sudanese rebels had and still have their bases in Unity State and Upper Nile States and still being supported militarily by Juba.

It’s unfortunate that a Senior Fellow at Harvard University’s Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Centre for Health and Human Rights and a professor of English Language and Literature at Smith College can lie this bluntly with straight face to his international audiences without allowing a room for marginal error or a possibility of being caught.

Reeves wrote:

“the Khartoum regime, including its SAF and intelligence services, has never publicly provided a shred of evidence that Juba is providing material military support to rebels operating in Sudan, neither the Sudan People Liberation Army -North (SPLM-N) or the larger coalition known as the Sudan Revolutionary Front which comprises rebels group from Darfur…JEM and Sudan Liberation Army (SLM).” http://sudanreeves.org/2013/06/17/the-arming-of-rebels-in-sudan-and-south-sudan-what-is-the-evidence/

Who would believe that Eric Reeves could be lying with such a straight face? No one of course, because South Sudanese who know this lies by heart were politically sympathetic and had vested interests to Eric’s negative campaign.

Because Reeves lied too many times, for 3 decades without getting caught, on July 10, 2016, he wrote a falsified piece on South Sudan’s recent crisis, titled “A coup in the making in South Sudan – led by Riek Machar.” I just gathered that he has long retracted it after being caught lying by South Sudanese.

Because Reeves lied too many times, he erroneously thinks that he can lied about South Sudan’s affairs without being caught and held accountable. Eric Reeves is a perfect liar with international audiences and must be challenge and held accountable for 3 decades long of misinformation.

Furthermore, Reeves has claimed to have had received a “highly reliable sources” from a devious source in Addis Abba, Ethiopia that Dr. Riek Machar was leading a coup to topple Salva Kiir’s government. I like to assure my audiences that this is not accurate but manufactured truth and Eric has retracted it because he was caught lying.

In this context Eric Reeves has not bothered providing a written reference or recorded audio to help prove the lie because he believed that he is a professional liar and invincible.

All he has provided was a loose subjective statement that has no trace. And yet still think that “a highly reliable source.” The quote goes as “ a highly reliable sources—currently in the region and with extensive experience in South Sudan over many years—reports from Addis Ababa this evening that a coup in Juba is being led by Riek Machar, First Vice-President of the Government of South Sudan.”

With this statement, one cannot help but to conclude that Professor Eric Reeves is a pathetic liar. Although he has withdrawn this statement, Eric has lied to American people, the world, about Darfur and now South Sudan, therefore he must be held accountable.

Another concocted statement from Eric Reeves is his claim that “my source also informs me that Riek Machar has asked the Khartoum regime for more weapons and military assistance” by referring only to alleged August 31, 2014 published by none other than Eric Reeves himself.

Honourable people would ask where is Mr. Eric Reeves’ verification Dr. Riek talked to Khartoum on July 9, 2016and has asked for military assistance.

Rice Reeves further claimed that there was an ‘intercepted communications, a full-scale assault by General James Koang Chuol is expected to begin early tomorrow. This will be in the addition to the extremely intense fighting that descended upon Juba today (Sunday, July 10, 2016).” Again, where is audio record that was intercepted by the alleged communicator?

By all account, this alleged “intercepted communication” is more than a lie but proved diversion strategic which essentially serves to prepare a ground for Juba to proceed with their plan to “capture or kill” Dr. Riek and his commanders.

In this case, it’s good to point out that Eric is not just a liar but an accomplice who was part and parcel of the plan to kill Dr. Riek and commanders in Juba on Sunday July 10, 2016.

In yesterday Eric Reeves’ retraction statement, he has also lied again about General Peter Gatdet’s stronghold being Leer County in Unity State.

“There are alarming reports from the ground in Juba, by those working with humanitarian operations, indicating that Leer in Unity State (stronghold of Peter Gadet) has seen a sharp deterioration in security, with significant armed clashes between the SPLA-IO and SPLA.”

This is again another bloody lie of today replacing a white lie of yesterday. For one, General Peter Gatdet Yak has no stronghold in Leer County Unity State since he part ranks with Dr. Riek in 2015. To prove that Eric is again lying, he didn’t mentioned which international humanitarian he has talked to in South Sudan because there none.

In closing, Eric Reeves is undoubtedly a professional liar with international audiences. He has been lying about the Sudan’s problems for 3 decades. It’s about time for people to distance themselves from pathetic liar.

Another important point that people must know about Eric Reeves is that he is not just a liar but an agent bribed to lie with straight face by political and military elites within the government of South Sudan.

Nguen is a South Sudanese political commentator living in Canada. He can be reached at jamesnguen@gmail.com

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