A Looming War of Destruction Between the Nuer and the Dinka Tribes is Lurking Over the Horizon!

By Dobol Hoth Luak

White army
The white army during a match toward Malakal town in the past(Photo: file)

Feb 21, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — A looming war of destruction between the Nuer and the Dinka tribes is lurking over the horizon if Salva Kiir does not takes the responsibility accountability for murdering and massacring over twenty thousands innocents Nuer civilians.

Salva Kiir must takes the responsibility and accountability, and admits the fact that he had ordered the murder and the massacre of over twenty thousands of innocents Nuer people, in what is now known as the Juba Nuer massacre/genocide worldwide.

A looming war of destruction between the Nuer and the Dinka tribes is lurking over the horizon if Salva Kiir does not take the responsibility accountability, and admits the fact that he had ordered the murder of over twenty thousands innocents Nuer men, women, children, professionals, intellectuals, disables and elderlies who were unable to escape his reign of terror he had unleashed on these helpless people, who have done nothing wrong to him accept for being from the Nuer tribes, that was their crime that caused them their lives on the streets of Juba.

If Salva Kiir and his followers do not realize and failed to admit the fact that they have murdered over twenty thousands members of the Nuer community, they are making a big mistake.

By not taking the responsibility and accountability for mass murdering of these innocents people, they are putting the entire Nuer and the Dinka communities at a complete risk of destruction to one another, and the entire country for that matter.

These people they have murdered have families who know each one of them by name. In another word, twenty thousands sound just as a number, but these are fathers and mother, daughters and sons, sisters and brother, grandmothers and grandfathers cousins and nephews, uncles and aunts, the list goes on and on.

I am not trying to instigate the violence in our communities, but the fact as the matter is; Salva Kiir is the one who is instigating the violence by not admitting what he has done to our communities.

You cannot murdered over twenty thousands of your own people and still believe that you are still a legitimate leader or president to rule them, this has to be a delusional and absurd for Salva Kiir to think that he can get way with this horrific crime has committed against the Nuer community

The fact as the matter is that there will be a revenge killing between the Nuer and the Dinka communities if Salva  Kiir and those who are advising him, both Dinkas and the Nuers  who remain in his genocidal regime do not take the responsibility and accountability for this unspeakable  crime that they have committed against the Nuer community.

There is no such thing to forgive someone who does not admit his guilt and takes the responsibility and accountability for his action.

Salva Kiir’s refusal to apologize to the Nuer community for murdering and massacring over twenty thousands members of their community will cause him dearly and will bring so much destructions to the Dinka and the Nuer communities for many years to come as the result, unless Salva Kiir reverses his arrogant and irresponsible attitude toward the Nuer community.

In order for our two communities and the entire country to ever leave together in peace and harmony ever again, Salva Kiir needs to come clean and accept the responsibility and accountability, and to apologize to millions of the Nuer families who lives he has destroyed and ruined for murdering and massacring their families members.

Failure to do so will result a revenge killing for every single one of the Nuer who’s live was taken by this monestor killer, this worseless dictator, the so called South Sudan president

My advice to both Nuer and the Dinka communities is that; do not act stupidly like you do not know what is going to happen if Salva Kiir does not take the responsibility and the accountability for the killing of these people.

There is only one or two way to avoid this imminent threat to our communities, and that is for Salva Kiir to step down and admit the killing and take the responsibility and accountability for it.

Any thing shorter then those two options, there will be serious consequences as the result.

Many people in South Sudan think that they have seen enough killing already, wait until you see the next face of this senseless war, unless Salva Kiir step down and leave our communities in peace. There will be peace or reconciliation under the leadership of the genocidal murder.

If not, Salva Kiir and his supporter should expect the Mighty White Army to bring the fight to them in every corner of this country, mark my words, this will happen, there is no other way around it, accept for the genocidal dictator to step down and take the responsibility and accountability for murder and the massacre of over twenty thousands innocents Nuer in cold bloods.

For Salva Kiir, not admitting the Juba Nuer massacre/genocide, and by taunting the Nuer community everyday on South Sudan television, by claiming his legitimacy as an elected president of the Republic of South Sudan, is like pushing decker/knife through the heart of every Nuer men and women, Nuer sons and daughters, Nuer fathers and mothers, Nuer grandfathers and grandmothers, Nuer uncles and aunts who has lost someone on that horrible murder of fellows innocents Nuer.

But one thing the monster killer miss calculate and forget is that we are the Nuer, if you did not go for a KO/KNOCK OUT, we will get up and we will come for you, make no mistake about that, I can bet on it with my life., that is a grantee.

Salva Kiir started this war, we will finish it, unless he step down and apologize to the Nuer community.

With that said, it does not has to be like this, for those of us in the Nuer and Dinka communities, and as for fact as the matter, for all the entire South Sudanese communities who want peace and yearning for it need to accept the fact that the Juba Nuer massacre has taken place and those who are responsible for it need to take the responsibility and accountability for it in order for the peace to return to South Sudan, if not, we in the Nuer community know who were murdered and massacred by their names and we will not relent until their killer or killers are brought justice by all means necessary, either by us all together or we will and must take this matter to our own hands.

Conclusion: In borrowing these quotes from George W. Bush, the former president of the United States after September eleven attract on New York and Washington, when he stood in the rubble of the ruined towers among the recue workers at the ground zero at the lower Manhattan in New York City and said these words of encouragement to the American people.

My fellows Americans, we shall not waver, we will not falter, and the people who knocked down these towers will hear from all of us soon.

Today I am going to reiterate these words a gain. My fellows Nuer in particular, and the entire South Sudanese in general, we must not waver, we will not falter, if those who murdered and massacred over twenty thousands of our innocents citizens do not step down and take the responsibility and accountability for their action.

We must and will stay the course until those who have hurt our people pay the ultimate price for the horrific crime they have committed against our people.

Long live the Mighty White Army, long live the Freedom Fighters, long live the entire leadership of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLM/SPLA), and long live his excellency, the Chairman of the SPLM and Commander In Chief of SPLA, Dr. Riek Machar Tenydhurgon. We must and will win this war by all mean necessary. Victory is certain.

The author is a S. Sudanese leaving in the United State, in New England, United States of America.

He is also a Vice Chairman of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army/Sudan People’s Liberation Movement In Opposition Chapter, the Northern, New

England branch office with its headquarter in the great state of Maine in Portland

He obtained his first degree in Criminal Justice System at Kaplan University in 2008, and second degree in Criminology, with minor in Political Science and International Relation at the University Southern Maine in 2013. He is also looking toward to study conflict Resolution in a near future at (J.F.K), John Fitzgerald Kennedy School of government.

For contact information:

Luak953@yahoo.com or dobol.luak@facebook.com

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Mawien Magol February 21, 2015 at 11:30 pm

Amazing to see people still posting divide language while, people are in process of bring peace in the young nation. Please keep singing about war between White Army and Machar Anyor Gelweng but there is no benefit to be gains in that way but lose of lives and destruction properties yes.

GatNor February 22, 2015 at 7:03 am

You and your comments to those who can discerns and deciphers are not any different so shut up you stank trash. Its a tribal war everyone know that so what difference does it makes if its the ethnic regime turning on the Nuer tribes or the tribes running the ethnic regime turning on the Nuer tribes or any other tribe in the country. Stop you nonsenses

warfive February 22, 2015 at 10:34 am

What are you talking about divided Mr.M.W the country was already torn apart by started with genocides from Gogrial president by calling it a coup without justifying evidences and the whole Dinka community was rallying behind Silva Kiir instead of condemned the atrocities he had committed. make no mistake about it President Silva Kirr once used to be all South Sudan Buny but now not any more he is going to be Dinka President only not for ALL.

man of the people February 22, 2015 at 5:20 pm

A looming war between the Elephants and the White Elephants will of course lead to destruction. Who will benefit from the destruction? For sure no body will, even the dead victims will have gained nothing. The best way to reward the victims and the living,is to see President Salva Kiir in the dock in the Hague tribunal trial. At least he won’t be wearing his Cowboy’s Hat. How about that? To some, it will be an amusement! !!!!!!!!!!.


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