Nuer Community in Uganda’s Western Nile region welcomes UPDF Withdrawal, Urges Other Foreign Forces To Do The Same!

UPDF Commander Operation, Kalongero Muhanga and UPDF Spokesman Paddy Ankunda at Bor Early 2014
UPDF Commander Operation, Kalongero Muhanga and UPDF Spokesman Paddy Ankunda at Bor Early 2014

Oct 30, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- We the Nuer Community in Westnile region Uganda welcomes and appreciates the step taken by Uganda People ‘s Defence Forces ( UPDF ) to pull out from our home land and we also call on all the other foreign forces present in the country to do the same to pull out willingly.

As a Community we are disturbed by the continuous support given to Juba by UPDF and we view it as one of the obstacles hindering the return of peace to South Sudan, we thanks Yoweri Museveni for his positive respond to the peace deal signed by the two warring parties on August 17 and 26- 2015 respectively, the agreement urges foreign troops to withdraw from the wartorn country. The step taken is a positive sign of progress on peace and implementation of all its mandatory..

We also appreciates the role played by the United Nation Mission In South Sudan ( UNMISS) from the onslaught of this crisis to date, they have really provided the protection our civil population requires and have helped in many positive ways, we thanks them for that and urges them to continue their tireless work for peace.

Its also our gratitude to appreciates the positive role of IGAD in resolving this crisis, we urged the IGAD leadership to continue putting pressure on the warring parties to bring peace back to our
people. Our people have put all their hope for peace to return on their hand.

We also urges the International Community, TROIKA Countries, AU and all the Friends of South Sudan helping IGAD to resolves the conflict to continue giving their support and keep their eyes on every step taken by the two warring parties.

We appreciates the recent signing of the security arrangement document by the warring parties and urges them to continue with the good will on negociation of other issues in order to reach an amicable solution that will speedily bring back peace to the suffering people of South Sudan.

We sincerely appreciates the positive role the Opposition leader and former Vice president and designated First Vice president of Republic Of South Sudan Dr. Riek Machar Teny is playing in resolving this crisis.

We should be boot trapping ourselves in all our problems before seeking for foreign help, we have recognise your tireless efforts to stifle another worst unrest that could possibly befall our nation and
we appreciates that. The government should also know that peace can only return if  they conflate with the opposition.

For any one that is doing a positive role towards the return of peace to South Sudan, we can only tell you this “for every volunteer work done, there is an eye some where to see it, don’t bother if no one is appreciating you now.

And lastly we Condemn the latest creation of 28 states unconstitutionally created by Kiir, we view this as away of dishonouring the recent Signed Peace Agreement..

The president should stop plagiarization and focus on peace, such things as creation of new states can be achieved and done by the consent of the whole population through a referundum. It’s simply a mere reation of more tribal conflicts on border lines, said Gatmai Machar, the chief of Constitution and Human Rights of Nuer Community.

For a group of tribal elders to sit and decide the nation ‘s next move is not only unfair, but an abuse of the national constitution and this is a clear political gimmick to fool the population which I think is
well detected by all and would not work. The Human Rights defendant continued.

We are optimistic for the return of peace home soon.

SPLM/ In Opposition Oyee
Dr. Riek Machar Oyeee
South Sudan Oyeee
By: Deng Both Riek
Chairperson Nuer Community in Westnile region ( Arua) Uganda.

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