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Western Equatoria will not be intimidated and threatened by anyone in Juba: Info Minister

Governor Bakosoro Given Reception Of Pride and Brevary after winning elections as an Independent candidate without SPLM support in 2010.
Governor Bakosoro Given Reception Of Pride and Brevary after winning elections as an Independent candidate without SPLM support in 2010.

July 29, 2015(Nyamilepedia) – Western Equatoria government has lashed out at what it calls lawless elements operating from within Juba government of Kiir who are trying to intimidate and threaten Western Equatoria government and people, warning such behaviour will not take South Sudan anywhere.

Speaking to media in Juba at a packed press conference, the WES Information minister Eng. Charles Kisanga blasted some elements within Juba for being behind the lack of discipline within the Army and also intimidation and threat being labelled at the government of central equatorial, warning the state would not tolerate any intimidation or threats from anyone in Juba or anyone who thinks he or she is close to Salva Kiir.

The minister accused a former national minister which he did not name by said was former national minister of interior believed from our sources to be no one other than Aleu Ayieny Aleu who was recently fired by Salva Kiir after failing to run the ministry and control security situation in country.

Alue Ayieny Alue who is seen as a key advisor to Jieng Council of Elders is believed to be one of those advocating against any peace process in the country.

Charles Kisanga slammed the former national interior minister of disrespecting the governor of Equatoria by talking nonsense and lies about governor Joseph Bakosoro on the Juba Telegraph a newspaper which is owned by Kiir’s spokesperson.

“He claimed he was first SPLA chief of staff and defending SPLA, but then defending misbehaviour of some soldiers which was the point raised by the Governor. How can it be that one who was first Chief of Staff can use bad behaviour to glorify the name of our mighty SPLA?” the information minister asked of the former interior minister, believed to be Aleu Ayieny Aleu.

Charles says cattle keepers were enraged by the president’s recent orders for all cattle keepers to return to their respective states, as a result the cattle keepers backed by disgruntled army went on a rampage in Counties of Mundri and Maridi killing civilians and burning properties of locals. The minister added that the security situation is was still tense but getting to normal as some cattle keepers have finally accepted to go back to their own states.

The information minister said some Anti-Western Equatoria elements operating within Juba authorities wanted to use the issue of cattle keepers as a means to claim there were rebels in the state which he describe as lies.

“Some of these anti-WES elements who are connected with some authorities in Juba immediately wanted to declare Western Equtorian as rebellious so that soldiers can encroach on human rights and cause havoc in the pretext of fighting non-existence rebels.” said Charles

The accused former minister of interior who is now an MP after being fired from the government is believed to be one of ring leaders of those working against the people of Western Equatorial from within the authorities of Salva Kiir. Charles said the reason some in Juba government were jealous and disappointed with Western Equatoria was because the state is progressive and peaceful, and the state governor was elected not appointed like others.

“Lately an MP who is former Minister of Interior went to talk in a newspaper, The Juba Telegraph and attacking WES Governor and Western Equatoria in general because Governor was elected by the people and not appointed.” said the information minister Charles

The information minister concluded by saying the people of South Sudan need to try and live in peace and stop the intimidation and threats against each other.

“intimidation and the threats…they cannot take us anywhere, let the South Sudanese people unite” said Eng. Charles Kisanga in the heated press conference.

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AGUMUT July 29, 2015 at 7:08 pm

Another showy and a Greedy politician.

chuolkhan July 30, 2015 at 1:00 am

Hayayayayaya !!!!!!!!!!The man is really declared the whole W.E.S according to his speech very good accusation to intimated by other cattle keepers who were trained by Kiir to in order to kill other people and burn down the properties of other simple better to joint and fight them if peace will not be in touch from there

AGUMUT July 30, 2015 at 2:00 pm

Hungrily Chuolkan and no good for country in future.

Spinning truth July 31, 2015 at 12:55 am


You keep running your ugly and smelly Dinka mouth on every story you as if you own this website. You monkey face and long teeth aren’t needed here with your moronic comments. Go adjust your ugly long teeth and ogre-like face you dirty pillock


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