US can’t support South Sudan army for subjecting its own people to suffering

US President Donald J. Trump (Credit: Reuters)

May 1st 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – A top United States diplomat said on Monday that his government cannot support South Sudan army because it has been fighting a war whose victim has always been the people of South Sudan.

The US ambassador to South Sudan Thomas Hushek said during a press conference in Juba on Monday that it is not easy for the bast Western democracy to support the army that has been fighting an internal civil war that mostly affect innocent civilians.

“The US government simply can’t pay the army of South Sudan. This is an army that has spent the last five years in civil war where mostly victims have been the people of South Sudan,” Amb. Hushek. told reporters in Juba Monday.

“We can’t ask our government and our tax payers [to pay for South Sudan army]. They can’t pay for that army. We wouldn’t be paying for upkeep, life support and cantonments,” he added.

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