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UNMISS promises to rehabilitate roads, open borders, create employment and improve economics

Nov 20, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The Special Representative of the UN Secretary General said that UNMISS will support peace building through improving the ability of communities to come together. 

Head of United Nations Mission in South Sudan(UNMISS), David Shearer meeting president Salva Kiir on Monday, September 7, 2020(Photo credit" OoP/Nyamilepedia)
Head of United Nations Mission in South Sudan(UNMISS), David Shearer meeting president Salva Kiir on Monday, September 7, 2020(Photo credit” OoP/Nyamilepedia)

David Shearer said that UNMISS has seven engineering contingents of about nearly 200 people in each from different countries that include Bangladesh, China, Korea, Thailand, India, and Pakistan who are ready to begin major road rehabilitation projects during the dry season.

 “you will see on the map in front of you that they will be rebuilding around 3,200 kilometres of roads across the country in the next few months. I believe that this work makes a huge difference to people’s lives” David Shearer said.

He added that roads will provide access to services as well as increases trade between areas which brings down the cost of goods in the markets. 

“These roads will contribute to economic growth which again creates jobs.” Shearer said.

“People from different communities will also communicate with each other and by communication they will build trust and deter conflict.” He added.

In Jonglei State, UNMISS will be working on developing a road connecting Bor, Waat, Akobo and Pibor.

Combined with plans by Ethiopia to construct a road from Gambella to Akobo and Bor, if completed, this will provide better connections and trade between the communities within Jonglei State as well as across the border.

UNMISS has also promised to assist with plans to open the border between South Sudan and Sudan. 

“That has been something that the Minister for the Interior has approached us on to assist with four border crossing points between Sudan and South Sudan. And we’ll improve the roads from up to Renk and Aweil and two other crossing points” said Shearer.

UN Secretary General Special Representative also briefed the President, the First Vice President and other ministers about these initiatives and he believes they have agreed to support UNMISS efforts to bring development, create employment and contribute to the peace process through a better road network.

Shearer said that he cannot overstate the importance of roads to South Sudan.

“When South Sudan gained its independence, it received a very poor legacy in terms of roads. By improving roads, we are able to improve economic development as we move forward” he said.

“I’ll finish there and I’m very happy to take your questions. Once again, thank you very much for being here and for everyone on Radio Miraya for listening,” shearer finished.

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