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United Kingdom calls on the revitalized transitional government to address the root causes of the conflict 

Sep 16, 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland called on South Sudan’s Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGONU) to address the root causes of the conflict.

British Permanent Representative to the UN, James Roscoe, speaking during a UNSC meeting in New York(Photo credit: Getty Images)

Speaking during the United Nations Security Council meeting on Wednesday, the acting British Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Amb. James Roscoe, said addressing the root causes of the conflict could prevent escalation of inter-communal conflicts.

The UN Security Council meeting was attended by the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, who presented a report on South Sudan, and other representatives and diplomates.

In his address, the British Permanent Representative to the United Nations said his country is concerned by the level of increase in inter-communal violence in many parts of the country and also concerned by the escalation of war between the government and armed groups that are not signatories to the revitalized peace agreement.

He called on the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity [RTGoNU] in Juba to make efforts to address the root causes of the conflict by addressing delay in the implementation of the 2018 peace agreement such as resolution of the dispute over the gubernatorial appointment of the Upper Nile State governor.

“We’re deeply concerned by the increased violence that has led to so many civilian deaths in recent months,” Roscoe told the Council adding that “We call on the government in Juba and all those involved to make concerted efforts to stop the killing and address the root causes of conflict through effective governance and dialogue at a national and local level. This includes addressing outstanding issues under the Peace Agreement, notably the appointment of the Governor in Upper Nile State.”

Roscoe further appealed to the holdout opposition groups that they should continue to engage the RTNoNU through the Rome Process to ensure that all the outstanding grievances are resolved.

“We also call on non-signatories to engage in the Rome process and for all sides to respect the cessation of hostilities. With thousands of South Sudanese lives at risk, compromise and collaboration is needed now more urgently than ever,” he said.

The UK Ambassador was referring to a hold-group led by the former Deputy Chief of Staff of the army, Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirilo, who defected from Kiir-led government in 2017 and is now holding pockets of armies in various parts of Equatorian region.

Gen. Cirilo and other senior politicians, mostly former detainees, are trying to re-negotiate a settlement with the revitalized government; however, these processes were shutdown by Coronavirus in February but forces of Cirilo’s National Salvation Front continue to wage skirmeshes in various parts of Equatoria.

U.K. is a member of TROIKA, a political coalition that is composed of Norway, United States and the United Kingdom. 

For the past seven years of conflict, TROIKA has been deeply involved in mediation both through dialogue and financial assistance; however, the bloc has been more linean on imposing a political position to end the South Sudanese conflict.

The South Sudanes conflict has claimed over 400 thousands lives and displaced more than 4 millions people to IDPs and refugee camps.

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