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UNICEF appeals  for 197.8 million dollars for humanitarian assistance in South Sudan

Dec 3, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — UNICEF has said that it aims to raise 197.8 million dollars to assist 5.1 million people, including 3.7 million children who are in need of humanitarian assistance as a result of conflict, disease outbreaks, drought and flooding.

UNICEF running malnutrition workshops in South Sudan(Photo credit: UNICEF/2016/Rich)
UNICEF running malnutrition workshops in South Sudan(Photo credit: UNICEF/2016/Rich)

The organization noted that the food and nutrition crisis is expected to continue in 2021 in South Sudan as there have been few gains in 2020 in addressing food insecurity coupled with severe flooding in larger parts of the country.

It said that the funds will be used to treat 272,978 children under five with severe acute malnutrition and vaccinate 540,000 children against measles.

It also expects to use the funds to provide water to 817,000 people, assist 127,000 children and caregivers with mental health services and psychosocial support, ensure for 770,000 children access to formal or non-formal education and reach 30,000 households with humanitarian cash transfers across sectors.

Dr Mohamed Ag Ayoya, UNICEF Representative in South Sudan thanked the donors who contributed to this year as the fund enabled the organization to treat 267,000 children under five years, who were affected by severe acute malnutrition, vaccinate 312,000 children against measles and provide 330,000 pregnant women and children with insecticide-treated nets.

 “I thank all donors and partners for the contributions received in 2020. I hope we will be able to continue to work in partnership with them in 2021 to respond to the urgent humanitarian needs of children and the population of South Sudan,” said Dr Ayoya. “We all know investing in children is the best investment one can make. It is a key strategy to ensure sustainable development in South Sudan and to build a prosperous and peaceful country.”

The organization raised concerns over the attacks that have been happening to humanitarian workers and called for perpetrators to be brought to justice.

“We are extremely concerned about the increased violence against humanitarian actors. We are asking for all humanitarians to be granted unhindered access to people in need, for looting of relief supplies to end, and for perpetrators to be held accountable, so we can safely provide humanitarian assistance,” said Dr Ayoya.

Dr. Ayoya noted that children in South Sudan face a lot of difficulties making them perceive crisis as normal.

“Children in South Sudan are growing up thinking crises are normal,” said Dr Mohamed Ag Ayoya.

 “They are often faced with empty stomachs, exposed and more susceptible to communicable diseases, and many find themselves homeless due to severe flooding. This should not be normal for any child.” Ayoya added.

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