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Ugandan Army Invades South Sudan’s Eastern Equatoria State

By Andrew Olweny | Magwi County, EES:

Ugandan army, UPDF, has entered the teritory of South Sudan in Magwi county of Eastern Equatoria state(Photo: file)
Ugandan army, UPDF, has entered the teritory of South Sudan in Magwi county of Eastern Equatoria state(Photo: file)

August 5, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- The Ugandan Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) invaded the territorial integrity of South Sudan on August 4th 2015.

South Sudan liberty News has received credible information that the UPDF entered deep 4 to 5 miles into the sovereign soil of South Sudanese at the town of Pajok, Eastern Equatoria State.

It is reported that UPDF entered with speed faced little resistance and unexpectedly, shooting randomly at Civilians afterward laying siege of the lands and claiming ownership of the border area.

Hundreds of Civilians, mainly ethnic Acholis, are displaced, setting most women and children on the run.

The Youth in the area swear to defend their land from foreign aggressions and holding their grounds while waiting for orders from their elders in order to respond in a kind.

South Sudan Liberty news made attempts to reach Torit or Juba for comments but without success.

It is important to know, Museveni had hinted in the past, Juba is not capable of protecting its territorial integrity, and he is not lying given Juba is surviving because of UPDF.

What is not surprising is the opportunistic Museveni calculations, what better time to take South Sudan’s territory than now when he, Museveni, runs the security shows in South Sudan.

Another source revealed to South Sudan liberty news that UPDF incursion into South Sudanese territory at Pajok is with the blessings of Juba, the sole purposes is to cause displacements of the native from the area so that, the Jieng cow could have more territories to move to not just the Ma’di corridor, which never welcome these cows and their owners despite of Juba’s heavy handedness with the native in preferences of the Cattles and their keepers.

Juba is also accused of creating external chaos in Eastern Equatoria State to divert the attention of arrow-boys and equatorian community from the recent massacres of civilians in Yambio, the Capital of Western Equatoria state, and other parts of Greater Equatoria.

Stay tune as we collaborate more details from Pajok and neighboring areas!

Report submitted by Andrew Olweny of South Sudan Liberty News, reviewed by Nyamilepedia editorial team

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chuolkhan August 6, 2015 at 3:26 am

they be come the really citizens of south -Sudan? because of Kiir they thought that they are not . but it seem to be like tactics between kir and yoweri also their relationship is going to end there will be no dollars if not yoweri wants to hand with NYamNyam to fight kiir because they know that riek he is going come there willm be no deal at all for them like before secondly very soon they will withdraw their troops then no any where but they will base there where they really invaded meaning the borders areas such that kiir will try to refuse to agree on that day they will come again to support kiir in illegal or in directly without knowing by any one looool! think that when the peace will not be okay from there their withdrawal will not reach the land of Uganda so their base will be there in Mangui county and other areas where they are i do thought that


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