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U.S. orders ‘immediate, indefinite’ ceasefire in Ethiopia

Juba, South Sudan,

July 08, 2021 – The United States of America has called on the warring parties in Ethiopia to immediately and indefinitely commit to a genuine ceasefire to cement an end to the eight-month conflict that plunged millions into a humanitarian catastrophe.

U.S. orders ‘immediate, indefinite’ ceasefire in Ethiopia
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (L) and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken (photo credit: The Africa Report)

In a statement attributed to Ned Price, the Spokesperson to the United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken says the Ethiopian federal government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front must cease vandalism of property to pave way for humanitarian assistance.

“Secretary of State Anthony J. Blinken spoke with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed today. The secretary stressed the need for all parties to the conflict to commit to an immediate, indefinite negotiated ceasefire,” the statement seen by Nyamilepedia reads. “The secretary condemned the destruction of bridges into Tigray and other impediments to access.”

In a squeeze on Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the U.S. government ordered the Nobel Peace Prize winner to unconditionally withdraw the foreign troops systematically deployed to perpetuate military offensive in Tigray and desist from any intent to manipulate the constitution to suit his agenda.

“Secretary Blinken urged Prime Minister Abiy to commit to the steps outlined in the United Nations Security Council on July 2, including the complete withdrawal of Eritrean and Amhara forces from Tigray; full, safe, and unhindered humanitarian access to populations in need; the establishment of a transparent process to hold accountable those responsible for human rights abuses and other atrocities; and an affirmation that neither the internal nor external borders of Ethiopia will be changed by force or in contravention of the constitution,” the statement says.

“In addition, the Secretary emphasized the urgency of holding an inclusive political dialogue to begin the difficult work of forging a lasting resolution to the country’s ethnic and political divisions,” it continues.

Mr. Abiy has unilaterally declared a ceasefire in June after forces from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front regained control of Mekelle, a capital city in the northern part of Tigray. Abiy claimed the ceasefire declaration was on the ground of humanity.

However, the world was not convinced by Abiy’s statements. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate continues to prove the world right to resolve the internal rift with Tigray and find an amicable solution to address the tension with Egypt and Sudan over the operation of the Greta Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

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