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Tribal Clan fighting leaves more than 25 dead in Warrap and Northern Bahr El Ghazal States

Young Dinka dancers celebrating South Sudan independent in 2011(Photo: Charlton Doki/IPS)
Young Dinka dancers celebrating South Sudan independent in 2011(Photo: Charlton Doki/IPS)

July 29, 2015(Nyamilepedia) – Tribal battles between different Dinka clans in Bhar el Ghazal region has left more than 25 civilians dead and dozens badly injured as clashes intensified this week for control of land, cattle and local power amongst different dinka clans in the region.

Warrap Sate, which is President Salva Kiir’s home state, was initially seen as peaceful but only to fall into insecurity and violence when different clans disagreed and clashed with each other.

The fighting ensured between communities of Gogrial East and Gogrial West at Abiokdit, Agokgo and Wunriel.

Fighting between the Agouk and Apuuk Dinka clans has left more than 19 dead and another 10 critically injured and requiring medical attention, according to Gogrial West commissioner.

Agouk clan accused Apuuk community of conspiring with the local police against their community.

The last battle which took place between the two clans was between April and May which also left more than 18 dead and dozens injured, but the local authorities managed to bring the different sides into a temporary settlement and decided the fighting be downplayed.

The Agouk Clan accused Apuuk clan of stealing their cattle and rejecting a recent agreement to compensate them, blaming Apuuk of using some of their sons in the government of Kiir to intimidate the Aguok,

One Aguok Chief threatens that his clan will not backdown no matter how high (in government) those who back the Apuuk clan think they are.

Heavy battle between the two clans was believed to be over control of grazing rights near the river Nyinagoth.

Kiir’s home state has suffered insecurity and political wrangling between different clans and politicians over control of the state despite absence of rebels in the state.

Justice Ambrose Thiik Ring who is senior member of Jieng Council of Elders has been accused of being behind the recent deadly clashes in his Warrap state.

Some politicians from the state accused Ambrose of favoring some clans and advocating for tribal policies within the state.

An official, who did not want to be named in full calling himself Akot, said Ambrose with collaboration with some commanders were behind the clashes “funneling weapons” to some clans.

“those in the Juba which I will not name….but you[we] know them….they are the ones to blame for such events of our people killing each other, they are causing the divisions and run back to Juba” said the official from Warrap State government.

Ambrose who served previously as Chief Justice before being fired from his position for corruption has been accused by African Union leaked report of being behind recruitment of presidential militias, which massacred thousands of civilians in the South Sudanese Capital, Juba, when clashes started in December 2013.

Meanwhile panic gripped Awiel capital of Northern Bahr El Ghazal when a soldier went of a rampage shooting dead more than 7 civilians and leaving dozens more hospitalized.

The soldier accused “some man” of sleeping with his wife while he was transferred outside the town for official police duties.

Eye witnesses in Awiel said gunshots rocked the town for several hours sending civilians in the neighborhood fleeing for their lives before the army intervened and shot dead the rampaging soldier.

Lual Thiep, the soldier who was killed in the shooting, is said to have warned that he would soon kill somebody after the rumours emerged that his wife was having affairs while he was out of the town.

“his wife was allegedly sleeping with one of his neighbors, when they transferred him for duties outside, now many are dead for this” said one shocked officer by the name Mathok.

South Sudan has been engulfed by violence since December 2013 when political disagreements within the ruling SPLM party turned into violence fitting different groups against each other.

Observers warned the government has lost capacity and ability to control the country and protect it’s civilians.

Fighting for the last 19 months has left more than 50,000 dead and millions displaced.

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AGUMUT July 29, 2015 at 11:24 am

Dinka of Warrap never fight themselves at this time of the year because they are busy farming and protecting their crops from animals.Time for cultivation and nobody have a time to fight,may be those in the cities.

John Kijana July 29, 2015 at 9:45 pm


I did not know that Warrap jiengs also do some cultivation. I thought Kiir stashed all the US Dollars in the govt. and simply distributed them to his folks. At the same time I thought all Warrap jiengs had moved with all their cows, families to safer areas of Equatoria and there were none left behind. Thats good, if they cultivate and hopefully they can send some food to E. Equatoria.

AGUMUT July 30, 2015 at 6:11 am

Your education is a nightmare and very primitive and i think yon need to go back and correct it. Juba is the capital of South Sudan and nobody will allow Equatorians to control Juba alone and it is the same in the Globe. You will died of heart attack or harm innocent people because you dislike some groups for no reason.Hatred is a part of Mental illness.

ALONEWOLF July 30, 2015 at 3:56 am

now you know John there isn’t corruption in the government of south Sudan. please tell to the people who are complaining about corruption.


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