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Thousands Remain Stranded At The UNMISS Gate In Yambio

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August 1, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — As tension continues to build up in the Capital of Western Equatoria state, thousands of civilians remain stranded in the town as others flee to the bush for their safety.

Speaking to the residents of Yambio, a town that has been relatively calm for the last 19 months of intensive conflict, thousands of civilians, mostly mothers, children and disables, are crumbling at the UNMISS gate for a chance to be granted protection by the United Nations.

Since 9pm last night, the gates have remained locked, however, many civilians are here hoping that the United Nations will come to their rescue.

The situation deteriorated after 9pm as a local youth group, known as “arrow-boys” and a few defectors from the government side began to engaged the loyal troops of Salva Kiir in an intensive shooting.

According to reliable sources, the fighting was instigated by the killing of civilians in the town by members of SPLA within the last three days.

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Displaced residents of Yambio, the capital of Western Eqautoria state wait outside the UNMISS compound….

On Wednesday a member of SPLA shot two civilians dead near the airport, which forced the Governor, Joseph Bakosoro, to cancel the celebration of martyrs’ day.

On Thursday morning, two other civilians were shot and injured at the airport, causing more tension in the town.

Another gunman, who was identified as an SPLA soldier, started shooting at a priest and his congregation in a local church on Friday before he fled to the bush.

On Friday evening, the local youth, who identifies themselves  as arrow-boys, started engaging the army from 9pm.

Some local armed youth were engaged in a fight with spla soldiers last night, some are said to have been killed so far but I can’t tell how many of them. The situation remains still tense as many civilians fled to their homes to unmiss and to the bushes for safety” Said Wani a local resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Many youth and local chiefs in Equatoria are arbitrarily detained and taken to unknown prisons in the country to crack-down any possible uprising in the region.

From the border town of Nimule to Juba, the local population has very little trust in the government.

Cases of insecurity and fighting between the locals and the government troops have been witnessed in Mundri, Maridi, Yei and Nimule.

The residents of Yambio are calling on the United Nations Mission in South Sudan to come to their rescue and open their gates for the civilians who are seeking protection in Western Equatoria.

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Karab August 1, 2015 at 3:01 am

Equatorians should form their own army or join SPLM IO to protect their areas.

Loguca August 1, 2015 at 7:56 am

DInka Talabans are increasingly becoming a threat in Equatoria region. their safe heaven is based in Uganda few kilometres away from Entered airport on the way to Kampala. they have military training camp there and sending the soldiers to fight in South Sudan. so Equatorians have to come together to fight these people in order to secure our territories. use any weapons you can find against this terrorists

chuolkhan August 3, 2015 at 3:28 am

So whom do you blame now? And how the brutality reached your areas plse,plse W.STATE be careful serious action must be taken otherwise you will finish if you are not serious of Maluong and Kirr tribal army forces militia who are deployed there in your areas so take out of guns while the peace has not sight Spla/iom will recognizes you guys let your youth bringing out their hands in their pocket let them hold up the what so call guns to protect their people especially W.S or greater E.Q in generals united your to safe your people guys

ALONEWOLF August 3, 2015 at 3:35 am

Mr karaba
nobody needs karaba in Equatoria region. we need to llive with Dinka jiengs people they are good people than Dinka Nue, by way what those people doing at the Unmiss? tell them to go their houses, the homes are safe.


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