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Sudanese army regains control of Abu Teyyour

Dec 22, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — A fight between Sudanese army and Ethiopian forces erupted on Monday at Salam Border area which led to the death of a soldier and several other wounded.

Members of Sudanese army(Photo credit: Courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)
Members of Sudanese army(Photo credit: Courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)

The Sudanese army sources said that they managed to expel the Ethiopian militiamen and regained control of Abu Teyyour area.

According to military sources, the armyhas been having operations to regain the agricultural areas.

“The Sudanese army has continued its military operations to regain control of the agricultural areas, as it penetrated to Greater Fashaga after recapturing Abu Teyyour area,” military sources said.

“An army force took the control of two camps for Ethiopian troops and militias in the Salam Br area,” the sources further said.

The Ethiopian forces had built two large camps several years ago in Salam Br, 15 km inside the Sudanese border.

The Ethiopian troops, from the Amhara region, waged severe attacks on the Sudanese army since last April.

Following the outbreak of Tigray crisis and a recent attack on a Sudanese force patrolling the border, Khartoum made a decision to control the whole international border in line with the 1902 agreement.

In the same context, the Sudanese army deployed its troops in the Mahaj area, which is located south of Lugdi town, of the Tigray region.

The army reported that an Ethiopian militia, presumably Fano militiamen, attacked Alosra area inside the Sudanese border. They shot a shepherd in the area.

Amhara militiamen have played a significant role in the fight against the TPLF fighters of Tigray.

A joint committee from Sudan and Ethiopia will meet to discuss the border issue on Tuesday.

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