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Sudan Pledges to award South Sudan mediators and opposition leaders

Oct 10, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Sudanese leaders, who can’t get enough of a recently signed Comprehensive Peace Agreement, are appreciating the South Sudanese mediators, opposition leaders who negotiated in good faith and the Sudanese people who took to the street in December 2019 for their tireless efforts in bringing peace and stability to their country.

Sudanese leaders Prime Minister Dr. Hamdok, President Gen. Al-Burhan and President Salva Kiir holds peace dockets in Juba, South Sudan(Photo credit: supplied)
Sudanese leaders Prime Minister Dr. Hamdok, President Gen. Al-Burhan and President Salva Kiir holds peace dockets in Juba, South Sudan(Photo credit: supplied)

Speaking at the Freedom Square in Khartoum on Thursday, the Head of Sudan’s Transitional Sovereignty Council, H.E Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, pledge to decorate the South Sudanese peace mediators for their role in the peace talks that led to the signing of a comprehensive peace agreement in Juba, South Sudan, on October 3, 2020.

“We will hold an official ceremony to honor the peacemakers in South Sudan.” Sudanese , al-Burhan said .

“We will honor the leadership of the State of South Sudan, the government negotiating delegation and the leaders of the armed struggle movements who responded to the call for peace for the homeland,” al-Burhan continued.

The leader of the powerful Transitional Sovereignty Council appreciate the opposition parties leaders, who participated in good faith and sign the peace agreement, for their efforts and willingness to compromise to find solutions to the Sudanese crises.

“We, as the government of the transitional period, will put our hands in the hands of our brothers in the armed struggle movements to change the situation and reality for the better,” al-Burhan reiterated.

al-Burhan further acknowledged the roles played by the women, men and youth who took to the streets in December 2019 for their role in the rovolution.

“They led this change and made the glorious December revolution, indicating that the youth are the ones who will lead the future of the country towards renaissance, construction and reconstruction,” al-Burhan appreciate the youth.

The Sudanese leader also appreciate the suffering population for their patience to endure the suffering and pain, adding that they deserve better.

“masses of the Sudanese people for their patience and endurance of suffering,” al-Burhan said.

“the Sudanese people deserve a decent life.” he continued.

Al-Burhan apologize to the citizens for having to go through all the economic crises the leaders have subjected the country to through and pledge that they shall come out strong and together.

In a different statement, the Sudanese Prime Minister, H.E. Abdalla Hamdok, also reiterated the same spirit of appreciation.

Prime Minister Hamdok declares the recently signed peace deal as peace of people and went on to promise justice and recovery.

“This peace we put for its first daughters now is peace of people, peace of the future, peace of Sudan Revolution of freedom, peace and justice… which will pave the way for the recovery of the deserved rights that were taken away. Peace, greeting, and manifestation first and last to the martyrs in all the truth.” P.M. Hamdok said.

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