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SSUF/A urges Sunday de John to hand over Chairman’s stamp and seals or face lawsuit

Sep 27, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The newly self-imposed Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of the divided SSUF/A, Dr. Sunday de John, could face a lawsuit if he fails to hand over the Chairman’s official stamp, letterhead, computer, archives and all office materials within 72 hours from yesterday.

In a press statement extended to media houses by the newly appointed Secretary of Information and Communications Technology, Nyamach Nyang Chuol, SSUF/A leadership demands that Sunday must return all equipment within 72 hours or else he will face legal measures.

“The official National Executive Committee of South Sudan United Front/Army is hereby requesting Sunday De John Along to handover the Office of the Chairman letterheads, Stamps, Computer, Archives and all office material that are still in his possession peacefully.” Amb. Nyamach Nyang Chuol said.

“Failure to handover the requested items within 72 hours of this letter will result in legal action against him.” She continued.

Nyamach announced that Sunday is neither a Secretary nor the chairman of the South Sudan United Front (SSUF/A).

“I’am hereby informing the General Public that Sunday is no longer holding the position of the Secretary of Information and Communication Technology and he is not the Spokesman of South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A).” Nyamach writes.

Gen. Paul Malong Awan and Nyamach Nyang Chuol posting for a photo snap in Nairobi Kenya(Photo credit: Nyamach/SSUF/A)
Gen. Paul Malong Awan and Nyamach Nyang Chuol posting for a photo snap in Nairobi Kenya(Photo credit: c/o Nyamach/SSUF/A)

“South Sudan United Front/Army legitimate leader the Chairman and Commander-in-Chief is General Paul Malong Awan and it is his prerogative to suspend or dismiss a member for breaching the code of conduct, which Sunday De John did by leaking sensitive administrative documents as a mole.” She continued.

The SSUF/A leadership faction under Gen. Malong Awan urges Sunday de John to cease using their chairman’s office accessories in his possession reiterating that they may commend him for his past services if he listens.

“South Sudan United Front/Army urges Sunday De John to cease from using the office of the Chairman letter heads and stamps as his own with immediate effect and would like to appreciate him for his contribution to the movement in his former position.” Nyamach writes to Sunday.

Amb. Nyamach Nyang Chol formerly held the position of Chairperson for Gender and Social Welfare and also the position of Deputy Chairperson for Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy.

It is not clear how many people have defected with Sunday de John; however, Sunday’s defection seems to be shaking what was already a tiny group.

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