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SSOA Appeals to President Kiir to remove Governor Denay citing corruption, nepotism and leadership vacuum

May 31, 2021 — The South Sudan Opposition Alliance(SSOA), the second largest opposition group in the country, is appealing to president Salva Kiir to remove the governor of Jonglei State, Hon. Denay Chagor, citing cases of nepotism, corruption, lack of cultural orientation, lack of self-acquaintance with the diversity and failure of leadership in Jonglei State.

Jonglei State governor Denay Chagor and his Deputy Antipas Nyok during the May 16, 2021 event (Photo credit: courtesy image)
Jonglei State governor Denay Chagor and his Deputy Antipas Nyok during the May 16, 2021 event (Photo credit: courtesy image)

In their press release, SSOA held onto South Sudan constitution and the Revitalized Peace Agreement as the basis for their decision.

“Article 24 (1) and 25 (1) of the Transitional Constitutional of the Republic of South Sudan, amended 2011 states that Every citizen shall the right to the freedom of expression, reception and dissemination of information, publication, and access to the press without prejudice to public order, safety or morals as prescribed by lawand; The right to peaceful assembly is recognized and guaranteed; every person shall have the right to freedom of association with others, including the right to form or join political parties, associations and trade or . professional unions for the protection of his or her interestsrespectively.” The parties stated in their press released.

“Your excellency, based on the abovementioned constitutional rights, we therefore the undersigned members of South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) represented by the affiliated various political parties, do hereby reaffirmed our support and commitment to the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (RARCSS). ” The further continued.

According to SSOA leadership council, the opposition group is resorting to this decision to restore the image of their party and that of the people of Jonglei State.

“Your Excellency, for the sake of the good image of SSOA, the reasons leading to our resolution for the replacement of the Governor and to conclude make this appeal on behalf of the people of Jonglei are as hereby mentioned below.” They said.

In their press statement, SSOA leadership council cited deficits that range from lack of leadership qualities, leadership failure, corruption, nepotism and many other major concerns:

“1) Based on the R-ARCSS, we realized that the Governor has no vision, mission, objectives, plans and programs for Jonglei state;

‘2) There is a grave gravitating and evidently clear leadership failure under the current  Governor since he has never convened a council of ministersmeeting in Jonglei;

“3) The governor lacks cultural orientation and has lost touch with all the stakeholders in the state i.e., elders, women, and youth who are the backbone of the state and SSOA members including his Party; 

“4) Contrary to the basic principles of practice in terms of diversity and inclusivity, the  Governor has appointed his relatives into the government against the general will of the people including his party;

“5) There is a gross misuse of public resources; justified by the continued hiring of Crown  Hotel in Juba, Airport road as an Office of the Governor with his support staff and bodyguards as residents

“6) Since the governor is micromanaging and personalized state affairs with his nephew  Minister of Finance, the entire cabinet and the government of the state has lost confidence and trust in working with the Governor

“7) The Governor of Jonglei State has personalized the financial resources of the state and  this is evidenced by the opening of both hard and local currency accounts at ECO Bank, South Sudan Limited in Juba;

“8) No matter what, the Governor does not listen to any bodys advice concerning matters  of the state.” Th stated.

The opposition alliance is calling on president Salva Kiir to consider their appeal so that they can nominate a better governor for Jonglei State.

“Your Excellency, according to SSOA internal memo on responsibility sharing, the position of the governor was initially given to SSUM and as such, we would like a fair process for the nomination of a new Governor to be given a priority under the support of SSOA Greater Upper Nile Political Caucus and overly supervised by the leadership and Chairperson of SSOA.”

Denay came to power through SSUM, a party that was formed by late Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka who happened to have married Denay’s elder sister.

Since his returned from the US, Denay joined General Peter in Khartoum and ascended to the third highest position in SSUM/A as the Secretary General of the party.

Denay eventually became the face of SSUM as it represented SSUM on its political grounds.

When Gen. Gatdet passed on in Khartoum, Denay promptly became the flag bearer of SSUM and was appointed the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, a position he held for a few months before Jonglei State was turned by the SPLM/A-IO and handed over to SSOA.

Since SSOA had no significant presence in Jonglei State, Denay became the most senior member of the party from Jonglei State and that make him the most favorable candidate for governorship.

Denay had to vacate his ministerial position for other parties, which was later picked up by Hon. Changson Lew Chang of PDF, for him to become the governor of Jonglei State.

For the last few months, Denay has had political clashes with his deputy over the appointment of the mayor of Bor municipality and that seems to be cracking waves across multiple political divides.

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Gol Bol May 31, 2021 at 8:55 pm

“SSOA Appeals to President Kiir to remove Governor Denay citing corruption, nepotism and leadership vacuum”

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And their evil end-game is put pressure, put pressure, pressure, put pressure on South Sudan and the South Sudanese people, and then, the vermins or parasite so-called *AFRICA UNITY and REGIONAL INTEGRATION

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