SPLM-IO State Official: Underestimation of Enemy To Break The Siege Resulted To Loss Of Pagak

Gen. James Ochan Puot of SPLA-IO
Gen. James Ochan Puot of SPLA-IO

August 8, 2017 (Nyamilepedia) —— After the dust settles in Pagak GHQs, the armed opposition under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar has gathered strength to explain what went wrong that caused the loss of the General Headquarters to South Sudan government.

It was a takedown of Maiwut that went wrong, Pagak was just an escape route for the government forces, claims Yien Pouch Rout, Sobat State Secretary for Information, Orientation, and Documentation. The Sobat State official states that Maiwut was sieged for several days by the SPLM/A-IO forces and South Sudan army was chased towards Maiwut, resulting to the loss of Pagak.

“Maiwut was besieged by our forces for days. When our forces began an operation to take down Maiwut. Government forces were dislodged and were being chased towards Uring, an IO heartland. After having been dislodged from Maiwut and being almost chased towards Uring, they made a suicide decision not be chased towards IO stronghold of Uring because they knew it was a death trap. As a result, they put their firepower on one direction especially towards the siege laid on the side of Ethiopia towards Pagak which eventually overwhelmed our forces on that side.  Their intention was to break towards Ethiopia border where they would have chance of laying down their arms and inter Ethiopia for personal safety, “explains Yien Puoch, Sobat State Secretary for Information, Orientation, and Documentation

According to Yien, the only mistake that was made by the SPLA-IO forces was that they underestimated the possibility government army to break the siege laid by the SPLA-IO. The opposition army trusted the siege it built around Maiwut, too confident that the battle would end in Maiwut.

“We are too confident that the battle would end in Maiwut, Pagak was left with very small contingent just to guard it. You all should know there was never a battle in Pagak. That contingent didn’t even put up a resistant because they were confused as to what was happening. After learning it was the enemy, they withdrew without a resistance. This was how the enemy ended up in Pagak even though they didn’t mean to attack Pagak,” he continued.

“So, it was a takedown of Maiwut that went wrong. It will be fixed soon. These guys were running for their lives even they came to Pagak without their heavy equipment because all were captured by our forces in Maiwut.”



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Lualdit August 9, 2017 at 5:57 am

Allowing Jaang to have access to Ethiopia border will be great mistake for Naath people on both sides of the border. That wil mean, our people will finally be under Jaang rule and control. This is something that can never be allow. The over confident that our generals has is becoming the down fall of our struggle. This war need strategy and coordination with our forces across the country to bring the Jaang government to it knees. A sustain and coordinate offensive throughout the country should be declared. Pagak need to be clear of them quickly before they pay Ethiopia government to side with them on the border. Please don’t allow Jaang to outsmart us on this one. Please General Gatwech Dual. Please General Koang Ranley. Our dignity and survival is on the line. May God help us and curse those sellout Nuer. Curse to Lol Gatkuoth, curse to Taban and curse to all betrayals of their home land for the sake of money and position.


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