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SPLA-IO forces accuse the government forces of planning to sabotage security arrangement

Jan 21, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — SPLM-IO External relations offices have insinuated that something is being planned to destroy the state and destabilize confidence between the parties of the convention.

South Sudan army heading to Bor in January 2014, they were met with unmatched force by SPLA-IO forces (File photo)

Lt. Col Chuol Deng Thon appealed to silence the graves of unresolved security arrangements.

“Defense Minister Angelina Teng silence graves hugged the file of unresolved security arrangements, drums of war are ticking all over the country and assured you all something that is being planned to destroy the state and destabilize confidence between the parties of the Convention and the simple citizen and what does not We understand it so far, is Angelina Ting a defense minister for all forces in the state, or just for the regime, or for me, IO, and no defense ministry for the presidency itself?” he said in a statement.

According to the SPLA-IO Military Office of External Relations, the opposition forces were attacked on Sunday morning.

“Our IO and South Sudanese Defense Forces clashed yesterday morning after a river ship or river pod was destroyed by regime forces belonging to citizens and merchants from Nasser Ali Malakal province and innocent citizens were killed inside the ship or river pod,” he continued.

He claimed the opposition forces and regime forces clashed after the regime’s army ambushed citizens, chasing them without mercy.

Lt. Col Chuol added that the military was able to repel and chase South Sudan’s Defense Forces until the IO forces took over Palette and Adong Nahar today then their troops withdrew again

The External Relations said in a relevant context that 6 innocent citizens from Neier were killed.

He insinuated that the government regime went from the camps in Nil Al-Bayd, your Lord, Sudan, on Al-Rank County, north of heights as a border area and after reaching the southern quality of the country South Sudanese state were assassinated and then killed in a military zone between the quality of Wernak (hang) Military, IO troops so far in the legitimacy of self-defense

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