South Sudanese in opposition Phow State commemorates independence day

South Sudan Citizens in Phow State gather as the country marks seven years since independence (Nyamilepedia Photo)
South Sudan Citizens in Phow State gather as the country marks seven years since independence (Nyamilepedia Photo)

July 10th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – South Sudanese citizens in the SPLM-IO held Phow State have commemorated the country’s seventh independence anniversary. According to state officials, the turn-out was 40,0000.

Addressing the people of Phow state gathered for the independence celebrations in Jiech, the state deputy governor Maj. Gen. Peter Puok Koang reaffirms the commitment of the leaders to end the  ongoing civil war that has killed tens of thousands of people and displaced millions.

“It is the time to see if the nation will again continue the bloodshed or restore peace. We need peace and it is our role as leaders to change the current situation. It is now 5 years down in the war, why not to stop it and work for the interest of our vulnerable populations which is peace,” Koang said.

For his part, the state Security Adviser, Brig Gen. Michael Dak Riek, reaffirmed the commitment of the SPLM-IO to bring lasting peace to the people of South Sudan.

“As we in the SPLM/A-IO, it is our duty to work for peace and to protect it. we need to see Army stay with the civilians in good faith when peace return in the country. We fought for the independent we are commemorating today and again we will continue fighting for the reformation and transformation in this country,” Dak said.

The state information secretary, John Toang Biliew,urged for a press freedom in the country and called upon the relevant authorities to guarantee passage for journalists where they might be interested to go for the sack of documentation.

“The press is given a freedom it means that we have given peace a chance, why not allowing our media outlets to have freedom of expression for better South Sudan,” Toang asked. Dak continued and said; “Peace is what we hope for and this independence celebration remind us on how we can live together as one people in one nation.”

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