South Sudan Rebels Defeat Government Troops in Jerusalem

An SPLA soldier, shot in Malakal clusters earlier this year, dragged by his colleagues to safety.(Photo: past files)
An SPLA soldier, shot in Malakal clusters earlier this year, dragged by his colleagues to safety.(Photo: past files)

Oct 26, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– An intense battle between the SPLA factions in Jerusalem, near Torit in Imatong State of Eastern Equatoria, has left government troops with heavy casualties, according to one of the governors of that state.

Speaking for his troops, Dr. Oyet Nathaniel Pierino, the governor of Imatong State for SPLM/A in Opposition, said that their position was attacked by government soldiers but Dr. Oyet believes that their forces have repulsed the SPLA-IG forces with heavy casualties.

Oyet strongly warns “the failed regime in Juba” to stop attacking their positions or else their forces will take all areas in Eastern Equatoria in a matter of days.

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“Our enemies must know that they shouldn’t beat the drum of war which they cannot be in position to win. We as the SPLA-IO [South Sudan armed opposition] have powers to take all areas around us in a matter of days, not even a month,” Dr. Oyet said.

Dr. Oyet claims that the government troops and militias are acting like Syrian and Iraqi terrorists, torturing and raping civilians that are not involved in fighting.

“The rogue regime in Juba must not behave like Isis of Iraq and Syria who torture civilians because of unjustified war.” Oyet said.

“It is not the civilians who fight them but SPLA-IO, if they have capacity why don’t they attack us instead of turning their anger on innocent civilians?” Dr. Oyet questions.

Dr. Oyet, a former professor at Juba University, is a major general in SPLA-IO army and the governor of Imatong State on the rebels’ side.

Attempts to reach the government officials in Imatong State to comment on these reports were not returned at the time of this report, however, earlier reports from Bilpham downplayed the intensity of fighting in Equatoria.

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