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South Sudan Outsourcing Its Scarce Jobs To Foreigners in Exchange For Military Supports

 Mr. Ndung'u Gethenji, Kenyan Defence and Foreign Relations Committee Chairman holding talks after visiting South Sudan with 15 other members of Kenyan parliament who are running back-door deals with Kiir's government(Photo: file)
Mr. Ndung’u Gethenji, Kenyan Defence and Foreign Relations Committee Chairman holding talks after visiting South Sudan with 15 other members of Kenyan parliament who are running back-door deals with Kiir’s government(Photo: file)

Feb 22, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— Struggling with man-made catastrophe, South Sudan government has opened doors to friendly countries to contribute expertise to help in nation building.

The friendly countries, which include Uganda, Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia and recently Egypt are employed in various government sectors from civil service to military operations.

Joining Ugandan nationals, who are working officially in South Sudan, a team of 7 Kenyans have arrived on Tuesday in Juba under IGAD regional initiative to enhance South Sudan national development – one of many agreements the government has signed with the neighboring countries.

Welcoming the Kenyan nationals, South Sudan’s acting minister of Labour, Miss Awut Deng, said their coming to work in South Sudan demonstrates firm commitment of the Republic of Kenya to help South Sudan in State building, peace and development.

“Your presence here demonstrates your firm resolve, commitment and determination to support South Sudan in its journey of state-building and nation-building, peace and development,” said Awut Deng, on Tuesday during a mini-welcoming party for the Kenyan nationals.

Awut appreciates Kenya for their continued support to contribute to South Sudan under Salva Kiir government.

“As a government, we are very grateful to your continued support to contribute towards the enhancement and development of the civil service in South Sudan.” She said.

The minister explained that the Kenyan nationals will be oriented for two weeks after which they will be deployed in key sectors across the country from Juba to Aweil and Kwajok, the hometown of President Salva Kiir and Gen. Paul Malong Awan.

According to the agreement, the Kenyans will lend “expertise” in health, aviation, public finance and human resource management.

In spite of government appreciations, Kenya has been leading among the most corrupt countries in the world and many funds in Kenyan government are embezzled by the officials.

So far at least two Kenyans are sentenced to death in South Sudan for “stealing” millions of dollars from the president office within the last few years.

Due to lack of institutions, poor leadership, wide spread civil wars and now famine, South Sudan has never been stable since its independence in 2011.

Amidst an intense conflict, South Sudan has continued to sign agreements and military corporations with Uganda, Egypt, Sudan and Kenya in hope to defeat rebellions; however, the agreements have not yield the expected fruits so far but more frustrations and suffering.

While Egypt, Sudanese militia and Uganda have been directly involve in fighting alongside Salva Kiir’s loyal forces, Kenya has been involved politically through kidnapping and harassment of SPLM/A-IO officials and sympathizers on Kenyan soil.

The move to employ foreigners in a country, where more than half of the population depends on humanitarian assistance, has been deeply criticized on social media.

According to critics, South Sudan does not lack expertise but the leadership lacks vision for the country.

The observers believe that many well educated South Sudanese continue to serve in foreign countries, mostly in the United States, Canada, Australia and UK due to lack of trust in the current SPLM leadership that seems to push for more wars in order to maintain status quo.

The conflict, which began in 2013, has now displaced more than 2 millions South Sudanese to neighboring countries or refugee camps within the country.

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