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South Sudan lawmaker resigns citing corruption practices

Lawmaker Mangok Tap Diew (Credit: Tor Madira Machier for Nyamilepedia)

October 22nd 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – A South Sudan state lawmaker has resigned citing what he said has been a state corrupt government that has paralyzed the SPLM vision.

Mangok Tap Diew, a member of Northern Liech state parliament for Rubkona County’s Constituency NO. 16 accused the Northern Liech state government of Nguen Manytuil of corruption and failure to advance the SPLM vision, mission and objective.

The governor has built a bunch of networks of corruption systems in which he has been managing public funds as his own family business and has kept the assembly closed for three years for the aim of avoiding accountability,” he said in a statement extended to Nyamilepedia.

Due to his greediness he lost the mission, vision and objectives of the SPLM and has paralyzed the the activities of the historical party at the state, county, Payam and Boma levels,” he added in the statement.

The statement dated October 21st further said the governor has failed to solve disputes between Northern Liech state and the neighboring Ruweng over land saying such failures has threatened the state security and its peaceful co-existence with other states.

The governor with his divisive policies has failed to unite the people of Northern Liech and by default become a major threat to the state security and its peaceful co-existence with neighboring states,” he said.

The governor has failed to resolve land disputes such as the ongoing dispute between the people of Rubkona and Guit counties in Northern Liech with Pariang county in Ruweng state running away from his direct responsibility in solving these problems,” he added.

Tap who said his decision to resign was taken with “an open mind” added that “Instead of taking measures to resolve these issues with the people of Ruweng state peacefully, the governor decided to go on leave abroad to inspect his private companies funded using state resources of the 5% money.”

Therefore, in light of the above mentioned reasons, I believe it would be an insult to the people I represent to continue under this corrupt government of Northern Liech and therefore declaring to resign from my position with effect from today; Monday, October 21st 2019,” he declared without mentioning if he would join the main armed opposition group led by Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

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