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South Sudan Kicks Off Transitional Security Arrangements In Juba

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May 15, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— South Sudan’s main warring SPLA factions have peacefully conducted three days of orientation workshop to address the Transitional Security Arrangement in the country.

The orientation workshop, which was organized by the Joint Military Ceasefire Commission (JMCC), convened 120 SPLA generals from both sides to tackle the transitional security arrangements and pending security issues to safeguard implementations of peace agreement in the country.

The Joint Orientation Workshop for the Joint Presidential Guards and Joint Integrated Police (JIP) Commanders, Officers and NCOs was attended by the two Chiefs of staffs of SPLA, Gen. Paul Malong Malong and Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual; 2 inspectors General of police(IGPs), 4 deputy Chiefs of Staff, head of JMCC, 2 commanders of the shared Unified Commands, TROIKA ambassadors, Regional and International Observers.

According to one of the participants, Thalage Ajondit, all participants accepted to build trust and to work together to restore the country.

Generals of SPLA on both side of the recently concluded conflict conduct an orientation workshop in Juba under the authority of JMCC(Photo credits: Thalage Ajondit)
Generals of SPLA on both side of the recently concluded conflict conduct an orientation workshop in Juba under the authority of JMCC(Photo credits: Thalage Ajondit)

“All participants accepted to open new chapter, build trust and work together as one team so that for young nation to have permanent peace and move forward. The most important is that all participants are willing to open new book and implement the Transitional Security Arrangements (Chapter II. Permanent Ceasefire) as per Agreement.” Said Thalage Ajondit, a member of SPLA-IO.

Like many critics and observers, Thalage believes that the SPLA is working hard to resolve the outstanding security issues, however, he doubts if the politicians are working hard enough to rebuild trust among themselves to unite and build “the One Nation, One People” which both sides have sang since the conflict broke out in 2013.

Despite the peaceful attitude shown by the SPLA generals after the 3 days orientation workshop, the two sides are still holding grudges over cantonments areas in Bhar el Ghazal and Equatoria region.

The faction led by Salva Kiir and Gen. Paul Malong has been continually accused of attacking the SPLA under Dr. Riek Machar and Simon Gatwech Dual over assemblies areas in Bhar el Ghazal, the home region of Salva Kiir, and Equatoria – the seat of South Sudan government.

Analysts believe that President Salva Kiir and his generals might try to speed up the security arrangement to see SPLA united under their ranks and files, however, it unclear if both sides will cooperate to rewrite the constitution, agree on the number of states, implement federalism, compensate the victims and introduce other reforms agreed in the Compromise Peace Agreement.

Within the last two weeks, since Dr. Riek Machar returned to Juba, the two sides have moved on fairly well, however, the opposition have registered a couple violations to the peace agreement by Mr. Kiir and his politicians.

While Salva Kiir has unilaterally appointed ten advisors, all from his side, without consulting with the First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar, the president left the presidency void when he flew to Kampala to attend President Museveni’s inauguration ceremony.

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Bol Gatjang May 22, 2016 at 5:30 pm

Good move, go for it ,I personally support it friends as decent idea .let peace continue to prevail in order to eradicated all these differences and to ensure South Sudanese ‘s security is accurate .You must always know that people deserves in their lives. Thanks


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