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South Sudan advocacy group urges justice for slain kids

Aerial view of South Sudan capital Juba (Photo credit: unknown)
Aerial view of South Sudan capital Juba (Photo credit: unknown)

August 5, 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – Juba-based advocacy group, the Center for Peace and Advocacy (CPA) has said that it has been shocked by the gruesome killing of three children who were murdered in a neighborhood in Juba over the weekend.

On Saturday, three children were killed by unknown individuals in the capital Juba’s neighborhood of Rock city. Several arrests have been made, but the prime suspect is still at large.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the CPA said it was shocked by the gruesome killing of the children and calling the killing heartless and said that it sets a very bad precedent for the country which has been at war for the last six and half years.

“The Center for Peace and Advocacy (CPA) is shocked beyond description by the gruesome murder of the three children in Rock City on Saturday 1st August 2020. This heartless killing of the three children does not only send shockwaves across the country, but it has also set very bad precedence that tells us the trajectory the country is heading,” it said.

“The killing is indescribable and heartbreaking. No killings will ever be justified especially the cold blood murder of children. The Center for Peace and Advocacy (CPA) strongly condemns the murder of the three beautiful South Sudanese children and calls on the law enforcement agencies to fast-track the investigation and quickly get justice done to the family of the bereaved.

“It is a fact that there is no amount of justice that will ever bring back the three children, but, apprehending the perpetrator will send signals about the seriousness of our government to give justice where it is due. The perpetrator should not and must not be walking free while she/he has inflicted irreparable wounds to the family of the slain children and the South Sudanese community at large.

“The Center for Peace and Advocacy (CPA) would like to register their heartfelt condolences to the family of Edward Jami Andrea, friends of the family, South Sudanese, and everyone who is affected by this heinous crime.

“The Center for Peace and Advocacy (CPA) is, therefore, urging the public to help in providing details that might aid the arrest of the criminal. On its part, the government through its agencies ought to really move quickly in getting the criminal arrested and be arraigned before the court of law. This than anything else is the only way forward, the Edwards needs justice and the South Sudanese too need justice.”

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