Social media users mock South Sudan government over Gok state governor’s ‘open-air’ office

Gok State governor Major General, Madhang Majok Meen in a open-air office in Cueibet (File photo)
Gok State governor Major General Madhang Majok Meen in a open-air office in Cueibet (File photo)

April 24th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – South Sudanese social media users mocked the South Sudanese government under president Salva Kiir over an under-tree office for the governor of the recently created Gok state Maj. Gen. Madhang Majok Meen who was seen sitting in a open-air office on a photo circulated in the social media on Monday.

Gok State, with its capital Cuiebet, is located in the defunct Lakes State and is one of the South Sudan’s current 32 states President Salva Kiir created in January 2017 after extending an existing number of 28 states he created in October 2015 which replaced conreversially the constitutional 10 states.

Kalany Mamuon, a Facebook user, said, while laughing at the photo of the Gok State governor, that it is only in President Salva Kiir’s government that a governor discharge his duties in a open-air.

“It is only in Salva Kiir government that a [state] governor operates in a open air,” Kalany said wondering whether what is in Juba is a government or a tribal system and concluded as he said “wonders shall never cease.”

Yang Gandeng Mark, another Facebook user, said his condolence to the “premature” commisioners under the Gok State governor.

“If the so-called governor could have been placed in such a horrible and degraded condition, then my premature heartfelt condolence goes to commissioners under him,” he said.

On Monday, photos of the Gok state Governor, Madhang Majok Meen, circulating on social media sparked a social media critism against the South Sudanese government which said that the division of the country into more state was in line with the vision of the ruling SPLM party of ‘taking town to the people’.

Another facebook user, Chuol Biel Lok , mocked the SPLM vision of taking town to the people arguing that this is not how the country is supposed to be ruled.

“Taking town to the village! God help this nation. This is not how it supposed to be,” he said asking how come for a governor to stay under tree stressing that the people need to do something for the country.

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