Police Booked Three On Charges Of Murder And Molestation At Lologo West Residential Area

Franco William who was killed in Juba's  Lologo West residential area
Franco William who was killed in Juba’s Lologo West residential area

August 25, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— JUBA – In a bizarre case, police booked three suspects on charges of murder and molestation in Lologo West residential area on Friday. The case, which is over two months’ old, came to light on Friday when local community residents met senior police officials to plead that their children were innocent.

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Malakia police station Chief of police summoned the officer who had filed the report.

“It has come to my knowledge that three suspects have been falsely implicated in a case. An inquiry has been ordered to find out how the name of suspects figured in the charge book. The prosecution side has reportedly misguided the court and got the names of the suspects added in the affidavit,” Ajak Wour who is a police officer has said.

Ajak told Nyamilepedia that three suspects have been charged of murder under section 206 of penal code act 2008 which states whoever causes the death of another person; with the intention of causing death; or knowing that death would be the probable and not only a likely consequence of the act or of any bodily injury which the act was intended to cause, commits the offence of murder, and upon conviction be sentenced to death or imprisonment for life, and may also be liable to a fine; provided that, if the nearest relatives of the deceased opt for customary blood compensation, the Court may award it in lieu of death sentence with imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years.

“Three suspects identified; Mengende Dok, George Yami and Richard John ages of 30s, a residents from Lologo, Ex SPLA officers, who failed to give details of place of their works and where did they get guns?,” Police said.

George Yami plus two suspects were also present on the spot that allegedly hurled stones in the direction of the front door of deceased’s house.

“Deceased identified as Franco William 35 year old, a business man and resident of the area who sustained injuries during the clash after which her mother tried to lodge a complaint with local police accusing residential area youth,” Ajak said.

Police lodged searching within the area where they failed to get deceased’s body at the morning hours, a deceased’s relatives took time to search for their son, they found deceased’s body all hands tied behind ‘back’ and his trouser and underwear were removed by the suspects.

Juba becomes leading of armed robbery and frequent killing civilians and at the last stage Nyamilepedia failed to get comments from the three suspects on the case they have been accused of.

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