PDM says did not give mandate to SSOA Chairman to initialize peace deal

Leader of the People’s Democratic Movement Hakim Dario (File photo)

September 1st 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – The People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) led by Dr. Hakim Dario said they are disappointed by the interim leader of South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) for signing the peace agreement although he was not mandated by them and other Alliance members.

The PDM is a part of the SSOA negotiating a peace agreement with the South Sudan government along side the SPLM-IO led by Machar and the SPLM-IO Former Detainees led by former Secretary-General Pagan Amum.

In a statement seen by the Nyamilepedia on Thursday,  the PDM leader Dr. Hakim Dario said his group, although being part of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance, did not authorized the alliance leader Changson Lew to initialize the agreement on their behalf.

“PDM would like to reiterate its rejection to initialing of the Draft Revitalized ARCSS, and as a member of SSOA, PDM along with other members have not authorized Mr. Gabriel Chanson Chang, the interim Chair, to initial this Agreement in the name of SSOA as an opposition Bloc,” Hakim said in the statement.

He said the decision by the Alliance Chairman to initialize the agreement without their fondant violates the agreed collective position by all members or the South Sudan Opposition Alliance.

“This action by SSOA interim Chair, therefore contravenes and violated the collectively agreed position of SSOA members that initialing and signing of the Revitalized Khartoum Agreement shall be in the name of each constituent SSOA member organization and not SSOA as a Bloc as did the interim Chair,” he said.

He said the decision of the interim SSOA Chairman is an illegal procedure as as such carries no effect calling it null and void.

“The action of SSOA interim Chair to initial Khartoum Peace Agreement today is procedurally illegal and is without legitimacy, hence it carries no effect and is therefore null and void,” he said.

He said the PDM had wrote to the SSOA leadership in respond to a request by the Alliance to its members to present their views on the issues regarding the initializing the agreement and notified the Alliance of its decision to not sign the agreement, a position which he said have not changed so far.

“PDM wrote on 25th August 2018 stating its position to SSOA interim Chair in response to a request for viewpoints submission from all constituent SSOA megmbers about this very issue. To date, no decision was reached to grant consent to SSOA interim Chair request,” he said in the statement.

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Stephen Dak September 1, 2018 at 5:57 am

Dear Dr. Hakim, South Sudan not of a one man property anyone who twist the interest to his own will be looked closely. Yes, people are desperately looking for those who are in lead for peace to bring but they find non. Instead they are making false promises which cannot be delivered. The point I am making how come people say they need peace by refusing to sign the agreement that bring about peace. If one is able to bring it to an end by his own, why is it taking five year for peace to materialize? If one is not looking for more trouble than peace how come you seem to defy what is meaningful to all, and is even seen as something that might save lives. Are we misleading people by holding on to one’s his own interest forgetting the common one. Yes, there are many intelligent people outside there who see motive through their own lens. I will never respect any man who betray people trust despite of high regard he/she might have. I have no problem with any man but if anyone seem to be wrong agent regardless of who that one might be, I have a difference mind set on him. Yes, I like people who are sincere even if it costs them something that is nature of truth it is costly not without price to pay. But if you do that you will earn my love dear one! Forget that you don’t know me you will for sure the time is approaching when everything will be known. Yes, I wrote this because I am looking closely who is obstructing and who is doing what in favor of peace.


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