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Padang Dinka Community threatens war if General Olony is appointed the governor of Upper Nile

Nov 21, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Responding to the quest for appointment of Lt. Gen. Johnson Olony as the governor of Upper Nile State, the Padang Dinka community in Northern Upper Nile is threatening that if their warning falls on deaf ears, they will launch a deadly war in Upper Nile and its surrounding.

Members of the Apadang community meeting First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny in his office in Juba today, Wednesday, July 8, 2020 (Photo credit: OFVP)
Members of the Apadang community meeting First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny in his office in Juba, Wednesday, July 8, 2020 (Photo credit: OFVP)

“If our called and advice are not adhered to not to appoint Johnson Olong fail on deaf ears, it will amount for total outbreak of war within and surrounding counties of the State and we will fight to defend our areas/villages and we will not be blame for return of war in the state” Reads part of a three-paged statement stamped and stamped by Thomas Thon Deng, the Chairman of Padang Community in Malakal.

The chairman of Padang community demands that Riek Machar should withdraw his appointment if he means peace.

“Dr. Riek Machar took arm against the government of South Sudan as result of his quest for political position while Johnson took arm against Padang”

“We demand of Riek really meant peace to prevail in this country and Upper Nile State in particular, then he should not continue and insist on the appointment of war Mongering Shiluk Militia for the Upper Nile governorship”

According to the chairman of the Padang Dinka community, they believe that appointing Gen. Olony as the governor of the Upper Nile State amounts to rewarding a murderer.

“Padang land should not be given as reward to war mongering politicians and arm generals who have led ethnic cleansing in the villages and towns in the Padang Land and at same time would want to be imposition to rule us again, a murderer remain a murderer” Thomas Thon said.

The Padang community pledges that for peace to prevail in Upper Nile State, Olony should not be appointed.

“If we are to realized peaceful environment in Upper Nile and normalcy and social co-existence among the communities of Upper Nile than Johnson Olong is not right man for Governorship since he is tribal militia and cannot be symbol of unity in this state” Thon added.

Despite the resistance from the Padang community, majority of the larger communities of Upper Nile State that include Chollo, Nuer and Mabaan support the appointment of Gen. Johnson Olony but president Kiir stands on the shoulder of the Padang Dinka community.

Speaking to religious leaders at his residence on Friday, Kiir reiterated that he has given the First Vice President a precondition that if he fulfills it, he will appoint Olony as the governor.

Kiir demands that Dr. Riek Machar must sign an undertaking to be held reliable should anything happens to the Padang Dinka community.

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