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Opinion: Ten pieces of advice Dr. Nguen Manytuil should put into action for Unity State to realise a little change.

By Gattiek Wichar,

August 02, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Dr. Joseph Manytuil should not re-appoint  the former county commissioners that worked with him previously in counties that will be allocated to I-TGONU in this transitional period. Let him appoint the new faces with fresh thoughts that will think of development instead of destruction, looting, and raiding their fellows.

Dr. Nguen Manytuil boarding a plane in South Sudan capital, Juba(Photo credit: supplied)
Dr. Nguen Manytuil boarding a plane in South Sudan capital, Juba(Photo credit: supplied)

2. Dr. Joseph Manytuil should not attempt to disarm the helpless youth during this fragile atmosphere in South Sudan. We should wait until the security arrangements are fully implemented across the country since the civil population in the Unity State is not certain about the commitment of the signatory to the agreement until they fully implement it.

3. Dr. Joseph Manytuil should not politicize the youth Initiatives for his political benefit. Instead, he should allow young people to exercise their own social activities independently without any kind of manipulation and political influence from him.

4. Dr. Joseph Manytuil should confess and apologize publicly to the people of the Unity State for all the bad things he did to them so that forgiveness and peace will reign among the sons and daughters of the Unity State.

5. Dr. Joseph Manytuil should critically think about people in UNMISS camps and find why we have Nuer in P.O.C of Bentiu who don’t like staying outside when it’s also their fellow Nuer people that are staying outside. This means that there is paranoia of “Nuer fearing Nuer” in our state which is something very unfortunate. Thus he has to make sure that he works hard together with their local leaders across the camp to put an end to such paranoia between our people in the Unity State by carrying out a very good mobilization with an absolute faith for the people in UNMISS camps to return back to their respective residences.

6. Dr. Joseph Manytuil should try his best to make some developmental progress in terms of infrastructure in the Unity State by renovating the broken buildings that were shut by bullets during the war.Also by constructing new roads, connecting electricity in the town and outside, renovating hospitals, schools and providing clean water for people of the Unity State.

7. Dr. Joseph Manytuil should make sure the full security is restored across the state and beyond so that the environment will be safe for the movement of inhabitants from one county to another but most importantly for the people to not fear each other across the Unity State like before.

8. Dr. Joseph Manytuil should not just implement whatever order comes from Juba this time around without analyzing them for the well-being of people. Not every order ought to be implemented, there are some orders you do not implement as a leader if they may jeopardize the lives of your people.

9. Dr. Joseph Manytuil should not restrict the freedom of press and expression in the Unity State because press is the only mean he or all of us in the Unity State will use to correct our faults.It should be used for the adjustment of whatever might go wrong in his leadership; successful leaders in the world accept and enjoy criticism not because they don’t have autocratic powers to apply censorship on media to silence the dissidents but because they realized that the more they are criticized the more they transform themselves from a weak to a very strong leaders. Hence, I urge Dr. Joseph Manytuil to observe this advice.

10. Lastly,  Dr. Joseph Manytuil should always prioritize the Public interest of the Unity State more than private interests. The Unity State has been there before him and before anyone else and it’s our collective responsibility to defend the land of our ancestors from both internal and external aggression from those whose aim is to tear down the Unity State. The Unity State interest should be above political affiliations and clannish lines, we should not just use mere slogans for the duplicity and deception. Let your leadership in this interim period bring change  to our state, many people in the Unity State are not happy with your leadership despite the fact that you were the popular governor in the Unity State back then. Thus, I would like to advise you to work hard this time around so that you restore trust between you and the people of the Unity State.


Gattiek Wichar is a concerned son of the Unity State and he can be reached via gattiekwichar@gmail.com,

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