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N. Liech state parliament speaker resigns, accuses governor of corruption

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January 20th 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – The speaker of Northern Liech state parliament, Simon Diu Lieyliey has resigned saying the state governor, Nguen Manytuil Wijang, was undermining him and was practicing corruption.

Lieyliey’s resignation comes a few months after an MP – Mangok Tap Diew – who represents an area in Rubkona county resigned over the same charges.

In a statement extended to Nyamilepedia this afternoon, Lieyliey said he resigned from the state parliament because the governor was practicing corruption including employing close relatives to senior government positions managing the state financial sources of incomes.

“In reference to the above mentioned subject, I Rt. Honorable Speaker Simon Diu Lieyliey Goah, Speaker of Northern Liech Transitional Legislative Assembly for SPLM Party List in Guit County, Do hereby declaring my resignation from August House as a Speaker of the Parliament,” he said in the statement extended to Nyamilepedia.

He said his decision to resign was because of “Corruption and lack of accountability in the State Ministry of Finance and Planning, which supporting by Hon. Governor, Dr. Joseph Manytuil. He uses Public fund as his own resources in the State.”

He said all financial positions in the states are controlled by the governor’s office including “Personal income tax from NGOs and Companies, Landing fees from State Airport Grants and oil revenues.”

He said the governor has been marginalizing the “State Legislative Assembly Since 2013 up to presence.”

“Dr. Manytuil never presented any fiscal year budget before the Parliament since he was appointed by H.E. the President of the Republic of South Sudan, General Salva Kiir Mayardit.”

He said he was preventing the “Parliament to convene and do its activities to oversee the Executive Performances for three years. Dr. Manytuil like to stay in Juba with his Minister of Finance and planning to build a system of corruption and control all the State Resources far away to avoid Cabinet Meeting in the State to address their issues concerning their Ministries.”

He further said the governor was undermining his leadership in the parliament and was preventing him from appointing officials that are supposed to be appointed by the parliament speaker as per the state transitional constitution.

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