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Machar Not Under House Arrest, South African Denies Reuters Report

Dr. Riek Machar Teny, former Vice President and the chairman of SPLM/A-IO speaking on BBC Hardtalks(Photo: BBC)
Dr. Riek Machar Teny, former Vice President and the chairman of SPLM/A-IO speaking on BBC Hardtalks(Photo: BBC)

Dec 15, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —-— A report circulated by reuters and shared by other media houses alleged that Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the chairman of SPLM/SPLA(IO), was under house around “near Pretoria” in South Africa to prevent him and his bodyguards to leaving the country.

The report went on to claim that Machar movements are restricted and his phone calls are being monitored and controlled.

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In response to such allegations, South African government has come out to deny the claims and instead assures that Machar stays in South African as a guest and the government is taking care of him.

South Africa’s foreign ministry on Wednesday expressed concern about media reports that said Machar is under house arrest.

The ministry says it is in constant contact with the government in South Sudan and regional nations about Machar’s presence in South Africa.

The South African Foreign Minister Spokesman, Clayson Monyela, had denied that Machar is being detained instead he acknowledge that Machar is a ‘guest’ of Pretoria as South Africa is one of the African countries that negotiated South Sudan Peace Agreement and SPLM Reunification.

SPLM/SPLA(IO) Denies “Machar Under House Arrest”

In response to the allegations, Col William Gatjiath Deng, the SPLA-IO spokesman, says the report that was distributed by Reuters was a “white lie”.

” It is not true and completely a white lie being created by the enemy in order to create panick among the supporters and the whole movement.” Gatjiath said.

“Dr. Riek Machar, currently in South Africa for a short excursion relating to medical checkup, there is no reason for him to be enclosed in exile by the regional and international community though they have different interest behind the close door.” Gatjiath continued.

Col. Gatjiath explains that Dr. Machar went to South Africa on an official mission with an official visa, adding that no case was opened against him that could prevent his movement.

“he didn’t committed war crimes and crimes against humanities since the onset of the Nuer genocide in Juba by Salva Kiir and his cronies on 15th Dec/2013.” Gatjiath said.

Gatjiath blames the region and the International community for forcing Machar to return to Juba with inadequate security in April this year only to leave him vulnerable to his rivals who tried to kill him and forced him out of the country.

“We know it clearly that regional and international community have their ill plans against Dr. Riek Machar since they forced him to go to Juba last April with few troops, 1,370 soldiers, including myself with counted ammunitions and light guns fooling us to implement the peace agreement which was signed by the two leaders Machar and Kiir but later they brought Taban to implement the rotten agreement after they tried to assassinate the 1st Vice President in the state House and no comment was made by the peace guarantors.” Col. Gatjiath said.

Gatjiath warns that arresting Machar for any reason will only escalate the conflict and never resolve it.

He says Machar is a peace lover and only him will bring peace to South Sudan.

“It is not true idea for those who think that Dr. Machar should be hosted in Pretoria because war could be escalated in South Sudan.” Said the military spokesman.

“Dr. Machar is the most peace lover leader in the world who always, if he has hosted in exile, war would even be worst than this time. No peace at all in South Sudan without Dr. Machar, Taban Deng is a traitor and hijacker; he could not rule this movement until the end of this world.” Gatjiath continued.

The SPLM/SPLA(IO) official calls on the supporters and sympathizers to dismiss such propaganda and move on, saying they are not true.

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