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Lou-nuer youth strongly condemns Attacks on Lou-nuer areas

Youth from Lou-nuer, a subtribe of the Nuer tribe of Jonglei State, receive treatment in Pieri after sustaining gunshots from fighting Murle, May 16, 2020(Photo credit: Nyamilepedia)
Youth from Lou-nuer, a subtribe of the Nuer tribe of Jonglei State, receive treatment in Pieri after sustaining gunshots from fighting Murle, May 16, 2020(Photo credit: Nyamilepedia)

May 16, 2020(Nyamilepedia)South Sudan youth from Lou-nuer, a sub-tribe of the second largest ethnic group in the country, in the neighboring Uganda condemns the recent attacks in Pieri, Pamai, Guanchat and other suburbs of Jonglei state’s Uror County.

Speaking on behalf of Lou-nuer Student Association in Uganda, Pargol Reuben Gai Both, alleged that a heavily armed Murle youth have scorched earth villages from as early as 5 AM on Saturday, May 16, 2020, killed civilians, abducted children and raided cattle.

“this morning at around 5-6am wherein, a ruthless heavy group of Murle armed Youth in an insurgency wrenched Pieri of Lou Nuer; they burned all the huts ,killed people, abducted children and raided cattle” Said Pargol Reuben Gai, the Chairperson of the Lou-nuer Student Association in Uganda.

“This morning at 6:00 AM East African local time, unidentified group of armed youth from Pibor Administrative Area Attacked Pieri Payam, Dhorgan-well Boma and Milkie Boma respectively. As I write, the fighting is ongoing toward  Guanchat. Pieri was reportedly raced down and burned to the ground by traitors” A community leader said.

According to earlier reports obtained from reliable sources by Nyamilepedia, the attack has been contained mostly in Uror county; however, the number of casualties could not be verified as the fighting continued.

Although it remains to be verified who organized the attack, a video clip that was leaked to social media two weeks ago showed the Former Deputy Minister of Defense and former Chief Administrator of the Pibor Administrative Area, Lt. Gen. David Yau Yau, in the background with thousands of heavily armed youth.

Lt. Gen. David Yauyau was reported to have escorted the youth up to Bor town, where he appeared in a televised report handing over women he returned from previous abductions.

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Yauyau was then recalled to Juba and met the former Chief of Defense Forces, Gen. Jok Riak, however, no further investigative report has been released so far.

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As the news reached social media, many intellectuals from the Nuer community condemned not only the attack but possible involvement from top government officials who are suspected to be fighting proxy wars in revenge over the past grievances.

Public Reaction;

While many intellectuals are responding to the event on social media, some are blaming Murle officials such as Lt. Gen. David Yauyau, others blaming the government and others blame neighboring communities for being used as launching pads by the Murle armed militias.

“We the Lou-nuer youth call upon the National Government to intervene on the current situation, created by the Murle armed Youth’s barbarian act and we also urge the Government of South Sudan to condemn and take a serious action about why Gen. David Yau Yau leaves the national duties for an Inter-communal fights, as most of the international body and the people of South Sudan witnessed his huge mobilization of the Murle armed youth to carry out offensive act agains the Lou Nuer community and other communities” Said Puok Tut Rang, Chairman of the government allied Lou-nuer youth group in Juba.

“Just a few days after Yau Yau came back to juba and confess to Kiir that he will never disobey or disrespect him. Why do you think the attack on LOU NUER was carry out on 16.5. May?” Said Puot Tap Riak from Cairo, Egypt.

“Do not forget that David Yau Yau is the project of dictator killer Kiir, Kiir is doing all he can to kill Nuer and he will use all ways to make it happen, let no one deceive you that kiir and his council have no idea on what’s happening” He continued.

“Murle is just the face. The real enemy in disguise that we are fighting could be our own Nuer brothers or other close neighbors, other disgruntled rebel or political movement. It all fall within the ongoing power struggle in the country. Some people who are interested in weakening the Lou Nuer politically or drag them to be part of something. it been the policy since the days of SPLM/A in the bushes of South Sudan” Said Chuar Juet Jock from Omaha, Nebraska.

“I want to make this clear before I say anything, Dr. Chuar Juet Jock. I don’t condone any criminal act or nor do I support a criminal individuals. Lou Nuer sub tribe and Murle Tribe are both South Sudanese citizens. And there is no way a well educated individual like yourself, advocated last month ago for Wiping out Murle tribe, because they are uncivilized and savage and should be wiped out… now you are crying for Lou Nuer, being attacked by murle tribe and calling on National politicians to intervene and save Lou Nuer as their tribe” Said Mijok Dongwei Akier,

The conflict between the Murle and their neighboring tribes, especially with the Lou-nuer, has been an ongoing event for over 50 years.

Many attacks, counter attacks and revenges between these tribes can be registered in a matter of months and the government has had very little impact in trying to reconcile these communities.

While these attacks were ongoing, not so far away, the government in Bor of Jonglei State and the national government in Juba continued to celebrate May 16th, a day that was dedicated to the defunct SPLA.

South Sudan’s recently constituted RTGONU government is yet to condemn these attacks.

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