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Leaders in Gogrial blame alcohol for the increase in killings in the area

Defunct Gogrial State Coordination Office in Juba, South Sudan(Photo credit: supplied)
Defunct Gogrial State Coordination Office in Juba, South Sudan(Photo credit: supplied)

Nov 1, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Alcohol is the main cause of the increase in the number of killings in the now-defunct state of Gogrial in Warrap State.

According to the former secretary general of the now defunct state, Albino Akol Thony, there have been five cases in the past two weeks in the area of which 90% has been linked to alcohol.

“All these five cases happened in the last two weeks and all these cases, ninety percent, are linked to drinking alcohol,” Akol Thony said. 

Akol Thony said that all those killings happened differently at different places and at different times with the first happening at Alek as people were drinking and one went and drunk and came and quarreled with his wife and speared her to death.

“The second case was in the former Kuac East County and it is also connected to alcohol. A guy killed a woman although the woman is not his wife, the wife of a relative. The man has a mental problem. They differed with the woman and fought. In the process, the woman was killed,” Akol Thony added. “On Thursday in Ngap Athian, it was also linked to drinking. People drank and fought and one of them speared the other to death in former Gogrial East.”

The former secretary general added that he has directed county executive directors to reduce alcohol consumption in their respective counties and ensure that all the killers have been arrested.  

The executive director of the former Ngap Athian County, Dhel Wol said that alcohol is making local people unruly while suggesting that alcohol should be banned.

“If I have the power I will say we should avoid what is called alcohol in our area. It can be better, let me try to tell our community that we don’t need alcohol in our area.” Wol said.

One person was killed at Ngath Athian County last Tuesday after drinking, according to Wol ,and that the killer has been arrested.

“We collected 31 cattle for blood compensation. If the relatives of the deceased want to proceed to court they will be free to do so.” Wol said.

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