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Leader of “Arrow-Boys” warns Kiir government and calls for release of all Youth arrested in Maridi

Governor Bakosoro Given Reception Of Pride and Brevary after winning elections as an Independent candidate without SPLM support in 2010
Former Governor, Gen. Joseph Bakosoro, being a warm welcome in his state of Western Equatoria durning his leadership(Photo credit: file/Nyamilepedia

July 30, 2015(Nyamilepedia) – In the latest escalation of tension between Salva Kiir’s government and people of Western Equatoria, the leader of “Arrow-Boys”, an equatorian civil defense, which has been battling the Lord Resistance Army(LRA) for years at South Sudan’s western borders, warns the regime to immediately released over 30 youth who were arrested by the government troops in Maridi last week.

Cdr Charles Gbadegbare, who identifies himself as the commander of Arrow-Boys in Maridi County, Western Equatoria State of South Sudan, believes that Hon. Peter Bashir Gbendi, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, is responsible for the arrest and killing of innocent civilians in the area, which has now raged on for nearly two months.

Speaking to our editorial team from Addis Ababa, Charles Gbadegbare discussed the issue of cattle keepers and intimidation of the people in Western Equatoria State, specially in Maridi.

Because of the insecurity in his state, Gbadegbare, now identifies himself as a “freedom fighter” and threatens to “wage war of dignity for the people of Equatoria”.

According to residents, tension remains high in Western Equatoria between the local populations and pastoralists from Greater Bhar el Ghazal following a series of incidents in Maridi, Madi land and other parts of Equatoria in which a government troop from Juba has been accused of taking side.

Although the leader of arrow-boys can’t identify the youth that were arrested by commandos last week as members of his group, he believes that 36 youths and senior persons from Maridi county remain in detentions in Juba.

The Arrow-Boys call on the deputy minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation, Bashir Gbandi, to secure the release of the accused youth.

The Equatorian youth group calls on the international Community and the region to isolate the “self-imposed government of Salva Kiir” for failing to protect but turn to intimidate and kill civil populations.

Charles further urges the people of Equatoria to take up arms for what he describes as “war of dignity and restore the glory of Equatorians so that they will be well represented and respected in the forthcoming National Transitional Government.”

The Arrow-Boys commander objects the IGAD proposal and calls on the sons of Equatoria to reject it because it does not recognize the share of Equatorians in the power ratio.

Cdr. Gbadegbare warned that Equatoria is a strategic region in South Sudan and it would bring down the current regime “if Equatorians unite and stand for their rights instead of allowing one ethnic group to marginalize them on their own land”.

Cdr. Charles calls on the sons of Equatoria, who are serving in Salva Kiir military service, to stop “serving a dictator, who do not values the lives of innocent equatorians”.

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AGUMUT July 30, 2015 at 12:47 pm

What a joke of a young Rooster again! I belief that Joseph James Tombura was damned thin man like him,but later he became too obese when he denied a bull and accepted the Kokora (cockerel) to divided South Sudan farther,but now we are South Sudanese again.Whether they like it or not.

ALONEWOLF July 30, 2015 at 3:07 pm

the arrows bays hotel liberation movement commander in chief in Addis Ababa hotel. Mr Charles you’re in your headquarter in Ethiopia just shot up and leave the people of western Equatoria alone. you nothing to do with us here in south Sudan. don’t you know that Dr Riek Machar is in a financial trouble, soon or later you will leave Addis Ababa and when leave Ethiopia don’t come back to south Sudan or western Equatoria.

Nationalist July 31, 2015 at 1:50 am


Talking will not bring change in this country because the regime will not listen to what you are saying therefore your demand will not be fulfilled. To put more pressure on the regime you need to take arms a join the fight for real democracy, rule of law, freedom, and justice. The problem of this country is that people are not united everyone is fighting for self agenda, we need all to join hands so as to create a state where everyone sees him/herself. unity is strengths, divided we fall, united we stand.

Laku Modi Tombe July 31, 2015 at 11:51 pm

Yeah, I am 100% behind you, the commander of Arrow boys in western Equatorian boys. You are the right thing that our forefathers did not, give it to the British or the Arab colonial powers unable to do for us. But in unity, as Equatorian, let show Salva Kirr, who came naked in Equatorian, where we show him to dress under wear that British and Arabs couldn’t colonize us in Equatoria, let alone him, whom we taught him to dress under wear


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