Kenyan Politician Calls For Dialogue and Compromise To Secure South Sudan

Prof Anyan' Nyong'o, ODM Secretary General and the Senator for Kisumu County(Photo: file)
Prof Anyan’ Nyong’o, ODM Secretary General and the Senator for Kisumu County(Photo: file)

Nov 29, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— A prominent Kenyan Politician, Professor Anyang’ Nyong’o, warns South Sudan leaders that war is for a “primitive man” and must be abandoned to secure the future of the country and her people.

Dr. Anyang Nyong’o, the former Minister for Planning & National Development, and the current senator for Kisumu County, believes that unless leaders like Salva Kiir take responsibilities seriously Southern Sudanese may be compelled to accept chaos as a daily life experience with death as a fate that can befall anybody.

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Worried that South Sudan could be engulfed by genocides along tribal, Prof Nyong’o, calls on Salva Kiir government to stop pursuing military solutions and seek dialogues and compromises.

“But to reverse it a lot need to be done. First the government of Salva Kirr in Juba needs to realize that a winner take all attitude is never a healthy approach to conflict resolution.” Prof. Anyong’o said.

Despite that Kiir’s government could hope for a winner-take-all solution through military, Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o warns that even the superpowers like the United States tried military conquers in Viet Nam but at the end lost the battles.

“The Americans tried it with the Viet Cong in Viet Nam and succumbed to negotiations as the only means of quitting that theater of war honorably.” He said.

Prof Anyang’ highlights more examples in the context of Apartheid regimes in South Africa or David and Goliath in the Bible where a superpower or a giant is brought to its knees by a least equipped partner.

“The apartheid regime had to give up their regime based on racial supremacy after decades of protracted war against the ANC and the Communist Party of South Africa. The South Sudanese situation is bound to be no different. A David and Goliath scenario will persist at the cost of losing millions of lives and setting back the clock of development in this young state for many years.” Anyang’ Ngong’o reiterates.

The former minister of Kenyan’s Medical Services, who refuses to succumb to “both sides” arguments that is being narrated by the peace guarantors and the international community, has friends on both sides of South Sudan conflict but believes that truth must be spoken without flattery.

“But to get a solution to the current crisis flattery is the worst policy; truth and wise counsel will help save millions of lives, both innocent and combative.” Nyong’o says.

Nyong’o, a former lecturer of Political Science at the University of Nairobi who also taught in various universities in Mexico and Ethiopia, knows that dialogue and comrpomises breed more resentment from rivals and opponents and hardens negotiating options; however, be believes that negotiations could be better that scorched earth politicies that are being pursued by government, rebels and armed groups alike.

“On the contrary, it breeds more resentment from rivals and opponents and hardens negotiating options. Worst of all, is a scorched earth approach to conflict resolution which profiles perceived enemies as creatures who must be eliminated from the earth for the survival of a particular political regime.” Anyang’ Nyong’o said.

The Kenyan politician reminds South Sudanese that Independence alone will not put food on the table of the South Sudanese people and therefore peace must be realized for South Sudanese people to improve their living conditions.

“But all this cannot happen unless the SPLM/SPLA current leadership, both in government and the opposition, respect the historic mission that Dr. John Garang left as an inspiration in the hearts of the people.” Prof Anyang Nyongo’s states.

“It looks to me as if this has now been put in the back banner by both sides. But greater responsibility lies in the hands of both the President and his two deputies for not rising above the politics of sectarianism and embracing a more demanding national mission.” he continues.

In words of Mwalimu Julius Nyarere, Professor Anyang Nyong’o reminds South Sudanese that “Africa is one and all human beings are equal” and as such the Nuer and the Dinka must be treated equal and encouraged to coexist peace and harmony.

“How can Africa be one when in South Sudan a Nuer cannot sit in the same parliament with a Dinka to democratically determine the future of that young nation-state through dialogue and persuasion rather through the bayonet and the barrel of the gun?” He said.

When peace and harmony returns, concern politicians like Dr. Riek Machar, Mama Rebecca, Pagan Amum, Joseph Bakosoro, Dr. Lam Akol, Prof Adwok Nyaba and many other South Sudanese could once again return home to help in development of the world’s poorest nation, South Sudan.

It hurts concerned Africans like Prof Anyang Nyong’o that Machar and Mama Rebecca who sacrificed for more than half of their lives to see their country South Sudan can no longer find peace in a country they liberated.

“Secondly, search your souls, comrades. My humble opinion is that it hurts every progressive African to see Riek Machar being tossed from one airport to the other simply because he cannot feel at home in his own motherland.” Said Dr. Anyang’ Nyong’o.

“It hurts the hearts of every African who loves South Sudan like I do to see Madam Rebecca in Nairobi and not playing the role of Mama Watoto and Mama Nchi (the mother of children and of the nation) in a land for which her and her late husband made so much sacrifice to liberate.” he continued.

Many learned Kenyan politicians like Anyang Nyong’o, Patrick Loch Otieno(PLO) Lumumba, Kalonzo Musyoka among others have called for dialogue and differred with some of their colleagues in Jubilee Coalition under President Uhuru Kenyatta who are leaning towards supporting Salva Kiir regime.

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