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Juba traffic police accident blames on ABMC and poor traffic regulations

Oct 13, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — A tragic accident this morning on the newly tarmacked Customs-Jebel market road that left six police officers with serious injuries is blamed on the construction of the road and also on the poor traffic system in South Sudan.

Police officers who had accident while trying to overtake a motorbike lay in pain(Photo credit: Via Eye Radio/Emmanuel Aligo)
Police officers who had accident while trying to overtake a motorbike lay in pain(Photo credit: Via Eye Radio/Emmanuel Aligo)

According to earlier reports from eyewitnesses, the land ccruiser which was carrying more than six police officers, heading to work, overturned while trying to overtake a motorbike in front of it.

“We were trying to cross the road on our way to custom when we saw the police car coming speeding. We suddenly stopped and let the car passed but as the car tried to overtake a “bodaboda” [motorbike] in front of it, I think the driver lost control and the car overturned” Said Elizabeth Taban

“the car rolled over, and that is why all the passengers got injuries, some of them were very critical” She continued.

The other eyewitnesses reiterated the same but blamed the ABMC which contructed the road for failing to add speed bumps to slow down traffic.

“The road is very slippery and there are no bumps on it, so people take that for granted and a lot of time tragic accidents happened here” Said John Bol Edward, another eyewitness who said he does not want to be contacted by the police.

“These police almost died because there are no bumps, they drove as if they were competing with the motorbikes, these are traffic incidents that can be limited.” He continued.

The residents claim that pedestrians’ lives including those of school children are at risk due to lack of speed regulation.

“These types of accidents that involve motorbikes and cars are very common because the bodaboda, cars and pedestrains all use the same roads. This can be avoided if the road is well tarmacked or separated into cars and motorbikes lanes” Said Benjamin Garang at the scene.

“So the contruction company can be blamed but also the traffic enforcement management can also be blamed” Garang continued.

“Children have been killed on this road while trying to cross the road, so this put more lives at stake and the government should come up with a better traffic system” Said another eyewitness who only identified himself as John John.

“Building good roads is one thing but enforcing traffic laws is another important step” John added.

Responding to media on the incident, the Inspector General of Police General Majak Akec said the cause of the accident is not yet know but he pledged to visit the wounded patients in the hospital.

The Inspector General of Police has ordered an immediate investigation for more facts finding to establish the exact cause of the accident.

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