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Juba City Council summons water suppliers over price irregularities

Juba, South Sudan,

June 02, 2021 – The Juba City Council has summoned water suppliers with the city to justify failure to comply with fixed prices set by the municipal authority but instead setting their own.

Juba City Council summons water suppliers over price irregularities
Juba City Council officials a first security meeting in the capital in April (photo credit: courtesy of Facebook

Water tankers and mineral water suppliers have been steadily increasing water prices citing market fluctuation which forced prices of most basic commodities to go up.

In an order supplied to Nyamilepedia Wednesday, Juba City Council Chief Executive Officer Rev. Martin Simon Wani said the current financial inflation and fluctuation of prices of basic commodities like water has affected the lives of many people in Juba Town.

Wani said the current prices were a result of complaints filed by water suppliers earlier this year that the prices of spare parts had gone up. The CEO is, however, surprised that to date there is no fixed water price for Juba residents.

“You may recall that one time the water tankers went on a strike complaining about the old prices for the sale of water and demanding an increase of water prices due to high cost of spare parts and operation charges,” he said.

“As a remedial solution, we proposed some temporary prices for the sale of water until the official prices are approved by the Legislative body,” Wani added. “But still many people are complaining about irregularities in prices in different areas.”

The Juba City Council CEO said he was forwarding to all water suppliers order No. 1/2021 for the regulation of water prices in Juba Town and beyond to curb complaints from both water consumers and suppliers.

According to the content of the order obtained by Nyamilepedia, 16 residential areas characterized under Zone One (1) shall pay SSP 300 per drum.

The areas include Lologo, Hai Kasaba, Kator East, Kator Centre, Hai Zuhur Fateh, Hai Malakia, Hai Kosti, Hai Jerusalem, Hai Muazefen, Police and Prison Quarters, Hai Jalaba, Hai Gabat, Hai Dongoda, Gumbo, Hai Malakal, and Hai Juba Na Bari.

Residential areas grouped under Zone Two (2) will buy water at SSP 350. These include Hai Jebel Sukar, Hai Khor Wolyang, Hai Islak (Giada), Kator West, Atlabara (A), Atlabara (B), Atlabara (C), Nimra Talata, Hai Neem, and Hai Kelibalak.

Other residential areas also falling under Zone (2) are Hai Negli, Hai Mayo, Hai Thoura East and West, Hai Game, Hai Commercial, Hai Amarat, Hai Juba Na Bari East and West, Hai Matar (Airport), Hai Buluk, and Gumbo Serikat.

In 19 other areas under Zone Three (3), water suppliers have been ordered to sell water at SSP 400 per drum. These residential areas are Hai Gwongroki, Hai Mijiki, Hai Jubrona, Nyakuron East, Nyakuron West, and Nyakuron South.

Other areas still under Zone Three (3) include Hai Mauna (1, 2, 3), Hai Dar-es-Salaam, Hai Seminary, Jebel, Munuki BK (A, B, C), Hai Gudele BK (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9), Hai Munuki (107), Hai Mangaten, Hai Referendum, Hai Luri Rokwe, Hai Nyiang, Hai Kuwait, and Hai Munuki Island.

Under Zone Four (4), six residential areas are mandated to pay SSP 450 including Hai Check Point, Hai Lokwilili, Hai Gudele BK (9) Extension, Gudele BK (7) Extension, Hai Battery, and Hai Kugi.

In Zone Five (5), water suppliers are ordered to charge SSP 500 in residential areas of Hai Baraka, Hai Jopa, Hai Gurei, and Hai Lemon Gaba.

Zone Six (6) also includes four residential areas that should buy water SSP 600, The areas include Hai Kapuri, Hai Kabu, Hai Nyarjuwa, and Hai Korot West.

The City Council says a violation of the stipulated prices will attract a fine, not less than SSP 25,000, and six-month imprisonment or both penalties.

The directors of three blocks of the Juba City Council, Chairpersons of the Quarter Councils, owners of the water tankers, and members of the security organs in Juba City Council have been directed to implement the order.

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