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Insecurity Spreading Across South Sudan as Salva Kiir’s Government Loses Grip on Security

Victims of the weekend attack by unknown gunmen on Juba-Kajo Keji road. (Juba Hospital, 19 July 2015)
Victims of the weekend attack by unknown gunmen on Juba-Kajo Keji road at Juba Hospital, 19 July 2015(Photo: supplied)

July 19, 2005(Nymilepedia) – The security situation in South Sudan continues to spiral out of control as Salva Kiir’s government struggles to maintain law and order.

This weekend unidentified gunmen opened fire on a Land Cruiser that was in a convoy of vehicles on Juba-Kajo Keji road killing 5 and living more than 8 others critically injured. The 8 were rushed to Juba Teaching Hospital for immediate medical attention.

An eye witness, who survived the ordeal, says gunmen just emerged out of nowhere and opened fire on the vehicles ahead of them, he added that they didn’t see the gunmen who left without a trace.

Kajo-Keji County Commissioner Henry Kala Sabuni says insecurity around Juba and roads leading to the capital has deteriorated despite deployment of security in those areas.

Meanwhile in Rumbek, the capital of Lakes State, unknown gunmen stormed a building occupied by traders from Darfur region and opened fire leaving 4 critically injured and hospitalized. The gunmen looted the building “flat” according to the local police.

Head of criminal investigations in Rumbek said the gunmen fled and could not be identified.

In the national capital, Juba, gunmen believed to be armed robbers stormed the neighborhood of Nyakouron and killed one man.

According to the residents, the gunmen also stole the deceased mans’ motorbike.

Meanwhile in one of the bloodiest week in Lakes state, raiders from a neighboring clan stormed a neighborhood in Rumbek, burning down more than 50 houses while more than 6 civilians were killed in Abieiajak village within Rumbek Central County in a revenge attack.

The attack happened on Thursday just a day before a previous attack.

“They killed four people from that side and seven wounded, and from the side of the attackers, two people were killed and two others injured”  Marial Amuom, The Lakes State Advisor for security told reporters.

Salva Kiir’s government has been accused of failing to provide security to the country’s population in almost all the ten states, including inside the capital Juba, which sees daily cases of armed and violent robbery, usually blamed on the disgruntled and drunk soldiers.

Other sources of insecurity within the national capital and its suburbs include members of Kiir’s presidential guards who are not regularly paid.

The embattled president, Salva Kiir, who has recently extended his term in office without elections called an emergency meeting last week of all the ten states’ governors in Juba where he urged them to focus on the security situation, but an insider within the presidency with knowledge of the meeting who did not want to be named for sensitivity of the issue, said the meeting was mostly about securing positions in Kiir’s new cabinet reshuffle rather than about security of the citizens.

“The president told them directly, you people you have to help me with the security situation, I will also cooperate with you people on issues of the new government and the new positions” said the senior government official.

Observers warn South Sudan could be descending into a serious cycle of violence and lawlessness if peace is not achieved soon and serious transformation carried out within the country’s security system.

According to the latest IGAD report, the two principles representing the two warring faction could sign a peace agreement on the 17th of August this year.

Although more than six agreements have been signed and violated within 48 hours, the South Sudanese have not lost hope in achieving peace through mediation.

While tens of thousands have been killed within the last 19 months, about 2 millions others have been displaced to IDPs and refugees camps.

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AGUMUT July 19, 2015 at 8:30 am

Riek and Kenyi wanted to force people of Equatoria to join them through Insecurity and that will not success.

AGUMUT July 19, 2015 at 8:38 am

SPLM-IO is now 100 % Terrorists Rebellion and people should unite to fight Dr.Riek Machar beause he will never go to Juba again.

Goweng Torbaar July 19, 2015 at 11:23 am

Agumut, This are SPLA Juba, there is no SPLA Pagak operating inside Juba and Koji keji road. Blame Kiir army who lost vision and direction as it has been said by Bakasoro.

man of the people July 19, 2015 at 1:09 pm

AGUMUT, when one reads your article, the conclusion one has, is that you are a psycophant. Besides the lack of English language expressed in your articles, understanding what you mean by SPLA – IO is 100% Terrorist rebellion explains your shallow scope of reasoning. Please when you write next time in this website, be aware your article is read by thousands of readers, well learnt, than your narrow mindedness.

AGUMUT July 20, 2015 at 5:37 am

Who told you i am an English. Dr.Riek Machar is a PHD Holder,but he can’t even speak any good language at all,but he knows how to Hack entired government in Juba.

AGUMUT July 20, 2015 at 5:47 am

Your PHD has destroyed our future,so it is better for you to back off.

man of the people July 19, 2015 at 1:40 pm

The Governors were in the meeting to fight for their positions to be extended. Insecurity was a side issue,when it comes to 18 months of continuous fight that claimed thousands of lives. Guns are everywhere in the hands of unlawful, uncontrolled killers. If all roads leading out of the nation’s capital are unsafe,what else is there other than ANARCHY? There is no government to protect the citizens. Seeing people innocently soaked in blood is enough to justify a lack of security for all. I am sure,governors flew to Juba in aeroplanes. They can’t travel on land anymore. The question is, did we vote for independence in order to destroy ourselves? Who is sensible enough to create war,for the sake of a position of the Presidency?

ALONEWOLF July 20, 2015 at 2:34 am

the truth is this, it doesn’t matter the rebels who are fighting in upper Nile, Bhar el gazel or equatoria ,the are all rebels,the government . should dealing with them accordingly to their respective areas they are operates in.


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