Homeless in Juba Condemns Harsh Treatment By Law Officers Who Vandalize Their Belongings

By Nyamilepedia Corespondent,

Juba, South Sudan.

Masaba Dario’s complainant photo at the scene of crime at Juba East Wing Park(Photo credits: Nyamilepedia)
Masaba Dario’s complainant photo at the scene of crime at Juba East Wing Park

August 24, 2016(Nyamilepedia) — New clothes of Masaba Dario, a homeless man, were received from another stranger and so he was able to go to the church where some of his items, taken from him during raids by law enforcement officers, were kept.

Masaba said he lost his belongings in one of the raids that took place on Friday. He said he lost his belongings during a raid carried out by city law enforcement.

Masaba lives on an open field near a parking lot where he works as a car guard.

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Community Safety and security, Martine Wani, said the law enforcement department carried out a sustained operation in the Juba town areas in the city after receiving complaints of anti-social behavior by street people in the area.

“They were removed for trespassing and by-law transgressions such as making fires, hanging up washing and building illegal shelters and structures.” Wani said.

He further reiterates that between 11 and 15 people were removed from the area on Friday and only waste material that was left behind was taken – not their possessions.

He said no illegal substances were found on anyone during the operation, but “from time to time officials have found drugs and weapons on them”.

Masaba, however, said he had his possessions vandalised and now wants to know how he can get them back, if any.

“They (law enforcement) don’t talk to us; they just come and take stuff. They just say we must move, they don’t say where our things are going,” Masaba said.

Masabe claimed his only possessions were his clothes and a new jacket he recently received from a man who said he wanted him to wear it when he goes to church.

“Last month was worse, this time it is better. Sometimes they will come even when you are not here and take your things” said the homeless man.

He said “once I went to get water and the guy that was left here tried to tell them that I would be back and they must wait for me but they just took my only possession.”

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