Greater Mabaan Community Holds National Convention in Iowa, United States

July 21, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan’s Mabaan Community held a National Convention for the people of Greater Mabaan in Des Moines the capital city of Iowa State of the United States of America.

According to a community press release extended to Nyamilepedia, the convention was held between July 4th and July 5th, 2018.

Members of Mabaan Community Performing a traditional dance in the past in Des Moines, Iowa, USA(Photo: file)
Members of Mabaan Community Performing a traditional dance in the past in Des Moines, Iowa, USA(Photo: file)

Speaking to Nyamilepedia, the Greater Mabaan Community chairman, Mr. Idris Kegi, said this convention was a great opportunity for the people of Greater Mabaan from different parts of the United States to come together and share perspectives on fundamental ideas that would advance collective interests for the people of Mabaan at home in South Sudan and abroad.

“This convention offered and provided a great opportunity to share perspectives and experiences, inspirations, and direction to all greater mabaan around the corners. The convention has explored great opportunities and peace prosperity of working relationship with the others South Sudanese communities for peace to come in the country and how to support our children in their current and future participation in the world around them.” Reads part of the statement.

According to Mr. Idris, the people of Greater Mabaan have unanimously called for unity among the people of Greater Mabaan and also between the people of Greater Mabaan and their neighbours.

“It’s important to recognize the common interests of our own relationship and process to find ourselves in each other. Cultivate our common life focuses and learn to see ourselves as strong unity with share conscious or common identify. The greater mabaan is an independence strong community working to bring peace to neighborhood and to the country South Sudan as well.” Said Kegi the community Chairperson.

“The greater Mabaan community peacebuilding, it posits that the promotion of peace must be undertaken not only at the international and national levels but also at the local levels, with families, tribes, and the communities in large where disputes can potentially escalate to violent conflict.” Kegi continued.

Mabaan community believes that if this peace building initiative is adopted and utilised across South Sudan, it could strengthen social and cultural diversity, trust and conflict resolution mechanisms.

“The greater Mabaan Community peace building aims at development trust and social cohesion within and between South Sudanese communities, strengthen social and cultural capacities to resolve disputes and conflict and promoting inter-ethnic and inter-group interaction and dialogue.” Reads part of Mabaan’s community press release.

The event was organised under the leadership of Keiba Tassin, the Convention Team Organisers’ chairman, Umda Maya, youth chairman in USA and Pojiya Daye for
Women association in the United States of America.

According to Mr. Keiba, the Greater Mabaan Community Convention, was well organised and well attended.

“All the sessions were successfully attended by majority of Mabaan who took their initiatives from around the globe. It is was an opportunity to interact and share diversified ideas and experiences with friends, open minded and learn about conducive environment.” Keiba added.


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