Gogrial Youth Union disown “self-claimed” rival group in Juba

Gogrial State Youth Union Logo (File photo)
Gogrial State Youth Union Logo (File photo)

June 10th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – A youth organization, the Gokrial Youth Union, have disowned on Thursday a rival group based in the country’s capital Juba calling itself ‘Gokrial State Youth Association in Juba’ pledging that the activities of the later are unethical and slanderous.

On Monday, the Nyamilepedia published a letter addressed to the President, Salva Kiir Mayardiit, authored by a group of youths organization calling itself Gogrial Youth Association in Juba. The letter dated May 24th, bearing the name of a lady Nella Achuek Mabior Achuil as the chairperson, urged President Salva Kiir to dismiss 6 high-ranking government officials including the country’s Security Chief, Akol Koor, the Minister of National Security Service, Obote Mamur and the Minister in the Office of the President among other.

The letter urged President Kiir to reappoint to the government the country’s former army Chief turn-rebel leader Gen. Paul Malong Awan who formed his own movement in March this year.

In a statement extended to the Nyamilepedia on Thursday, the Gogrial Youth Union which is based in Gogrial state capital, Gogrial, said that someone has sent out unethical and slanderous recommendation that falsely accused some members of the government and representatives of Gogrial community.

“It has been brought to the attention of Gogrial Youths’ Union leadership that someone has sent out unethical and slanderous recommendation accusing some members of National government representatives, State officials and members of the communities. The leadership of the State Youths’ Union would like to make it crystal clear that we do not approve this kind of behaviors nor do the elders from Gogrial state deserve this treatment either,” the statement said.

The group said they do not have a branch in the capital Juba or anywhere else in the country.

“We would like to tell the public to treat the recommendation of self claimed leader as “hyping-up of matters for publicity’s sake”. The intention is glaringly obvious as we do not have any functioning branch office in Juba or anywhere in the country apart from the main one in State capital Kuajok,” the group’s statement to the Nyamilepedia said.

The statement which bears the name and the signature of the youth organization’s Chairman, Tur Bol Thiel, said the organization is saddened by the activities he did not mention which it said tarnishes the name of fellow youths.

“It sadden the elected leadership of Gogrial State Youths’ Union to see the name of the honorable youths being associated with and falsely represented by criminals and criminal activities. In the wake of this event, we also seek to prevent Union from being maligned by vested interests, prevent innocent youths of Gogrial State from within and around the world from being used as tools for political campaign” it added.

The group said the “forgery” was an attempt to create a political conflict and hatred among elders particularly from Gogrial and South Sudanese politicians in general.

“This shabby attempt to create political conflict and hatred among our elders in particular and South Sudanese politicians in general is not our intention. Whoever was behind this dastardly act is a criminal and inherently unethical and hence has no Gogrial State Youth Union’s recognition” the statement further added.

The statement said it urges the victims of the “defamatory” recommendation letter to disregards it as something from “unknown criminals”.

“In conclusion, we would like to appeal to the victims of the defamatory and malicious Recommendation letter to disregard and treat it as a recommendation from unknown criminal” the statement added.


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