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Five Sudanese farmers abducted by the Ethiopian Militia rescued

Nov 30, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Sudan’s armed militiamen, also known as “the Reserve Forces”, alleged to have rescued five farmers who were abducted on Wednesday by Ethiopian militia in the Kenin area.

A courtesy image of the Ethiopian rebels (Source: Madote Eritrea)

Local reliable sources from Kenin said that the farmers were rescued by Sudan’s armed militiamen of the Reserve Forces who had been deployed on the border strip in the state of Gadaref of eastern Sudan.

The Ethiopian militia, who held the Sudanese farmers captive for days, demanded five billion pounds in exchange for the detainees’ release.

According to security sources that spoke to a local station on Saturday, the military force from the Reserve Forces stormed the hideout of the Ethiopian kidnappers and managed to free the five hostages after a 3-hour clash.

There have been attempts by the Sudanese officials to discuss the issue of the Amhara armed men with Addis Ababa but the federal government seems unable to control the same gangs who are currently fighting alongside the Ethiopian army against the ousted Tigray government.

Since the eruption of military action by the federal government to the Northern Tigray on November 4th, the east-southern border areas of Gadaref and South Kordofan were left unmanned as the Sudanese army deployed its troops in the border areas where the clashes are taking place.

The security sources said “this left a door for the Amhara gunmen to resume criminal activities.”

The Ethiopian militia groups from Amhara are accused of attacking the neighbouring countries but the group also claims that the federal government, which they are allied to, sometimes claims their victories in intense fightings such as the ongoing war in Tigray region.

The Reserve Forces were part of the dissolved Popular Defence Forces. They work under the name of Reserve Forces in Gadaref and South Kordofan.

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