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Fighting resumes in Morota, SPLA-IO claims victory

Dec 8, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — SPLA-IO sources allege that the South Susan People’s Defense Forces attacked their military garrison in the outskirts of Juba for the fifth time this morning in an attempt to take over the Morota training center.

Overall commander of the SPLA-IO Division 2B forces, Maj Gen. Mabieh Gar, at his headquarters in Central Equatoria state(Photo credit: supplied)
Overall commander of the SPLA-IO Division 2B forces, Maj Gen. Mabieh Gar, at his headquarters in Central Equatoria state(Photo credit: supplied)

According to the SPLA (IO) Army Spokesman, Brig.General William Gatjiath Deng, the attacking forces are being mobilized and instructed from Juba to dislodge the SPLA-IO forces at the outskirts of the capital, Juba.

“Today, Tuesday morning, at around 08:00AM, East African Time, Salva Kiir’s militias who are being collected from both Bentiu, and Upper Nile, officially addressed and received orders from Gen.Salva Kiir Mayardit, and his cronies to clear out the SPLA (IO) Army which situated at the outskirts of Juba, have attacked the SPLA (IO) Military garrison at Morota,” Gen William Gatjiath said in a statement this evening.

Gen William said that the SPLM (IO) responded with excessive force and repulsed the opponents. 

“Moreover, the professional army under the brave General Peter Wal Chuol, all under command of Cdr. Maj.General John Mabieh Gaar, had confidently responded with an excessive force, as a result, they had sieged and forcefully isolated the already frustrated forces of the enemy and immediately repulsed, pursued the merciless militias of Salva Kiir, who have innocently been subjected to unjustifiable, and lose war,” the SPLA (IO) spokesperson said. 

The opposition spokesperson noted that this was the fifth attempt by the SSPDF to capture the opposition army’s base in Kajo-Keji but the fight ended after the attacking forces sustained many losses.

“The merciless militias who had attempted more than (5) times to capture the SPLA (IO) main base at Morota, have today witnessed a big loss of both human and enough military equipment found lying on the ground after they had loosen the fierce battle early this morning. ” Gatjiath said.

The SPLA-IO leadership is calling on the revitalized transitional government of national unity to contain the fighting before it escalates or else the SPLA-IO will also go on offensives.

“The SPLA (IO) Military leadership, has taken clear observations on how this imposed war came about, and finally has reached out the edge of all blames and prompted the movement to act in a volatile mood, and also has seriously warned the (R-TGONU) to stop fueling war in the country, or otherwise, the SPLA (IO) would not only fight in self-defense, but also, might leads to direct offensive as the ceasefire marks its final collapse at the hands of both Salva Kiir, and the guarantor,” the statement said.

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