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Ethiopian government grooms military for more offensives in Tigray

Nov 11, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed maintains that military operations will continue in Ethiopia’s Tigray region until the junta is brought to justice.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed with Ethiopian army.(Photo credit: Courtesy image/Africanews)
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed with Ethiopian army.(Photo credit: Courtesy image/Africanews)

Calling for justice over his twitter handle, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, assures a military solution to restore justice in his country.

“We won’t rest till this junta is brought to justice,” Abiy wrote on Twitter late on Tuesday.

Abiy has vowed that there will be no negotiations till local leaders are arrested and their well-stocked arsenal destroyed.

The prime minister sent troops and air force jets into Tigray last week in a campaign against the regional ruling party TPLF, which has been at odds with Abiy’s government for months.

Since the fighting began, hundreds of people have died on both sides and over 6,000 Ethiopians have crossed into Sudan’s border provinces of Kassala and al-Qadarif.

“The number is increasing around the clock. These people need shelter and medical treatment and food, and there is a great shortage,” said Alsir Khaled, an official from the refugee commission in Kassala.

Alsir Khalid added that the number is expected to go up to 200,000 in the coming days if the fighting continues.

Those fleeing conflict included at least 30 armed Ethiopian troops seeking protection as the fighting escalated in northern Ethiopia and civilians in the region.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab who spoke to the prime minister said that civilians and humanitarian access in the region must be protected

He was joined by leaders of the African Union, who urged an immediate ceasefire and an “inter-Ethiopian effort in the pursuit of peace.”

The United Nations and the African Union are calling for a ceasefire but the Prime Minister is not listening to requests for mediation, diplomats and security officials in East Africa have told Reuters.

Experts are warning that the fight in Africa’s second-most-populous country could drag on, destabilizing the region.

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