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Eastern Africa Shifting Gears To Support US-UN Calls For a Political Dialogue In South Sudan

IGAD leaders meeting in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa to bring peace to South Sudan.
IGAD leaders meeting in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa to bring peace to South Sudan.

March 17, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— As the United States of America begins to reconsider reinvigoration of South Sudan Peace Process, the region surrounding war-torn South Sudan, has of late began to shift gears in what could be a preparation to support an inclusive political process as called for by the world’s most powerful nations.

On February 24th, more than 12 Senators of Congress of the United States, called on US new President, H.E. Donald J. Trump, to appoint a new high-level Special Envoy for South Sudan and Sudan with International Status to bring the “urgently needed diplomatic leadership to international efforts to achieve a sustainable peace in and between the two countries.”

While downplaying the role of the regional bloc, IGAD, the Senators call on Africa Union through its high-level representative to South Sudan, to reinvigorate an inclusive political process to end South Sudan conflict.

Although President Donald Trump is yet to respond, the leaders in the region have began to distant themselves from supporting one side in the conflict as they closely monitors the changes in the United States leadership and also in the United Nations.

Today, the Ugandan President, Yoweri K. Museveni, met the Chinese Government Special Representative on Africa Affairs, Xu Jinghu, at his State House in Entebbe and blamed failures in South Sudan on poor leadership.

“Met Xu Jinghu, the Chinese Government Special Representative on African Affairs and her delegation today at State House, Entebbe” Museveni twitter.

“We discussed the situation in South Sudan. Glad China is taking interest in this conflict.” President Museveni continued.

According to President Museveni, who has been the lifeline of President Salva Kiir for the last three three and half years, South Sudan problem is a leadership failure to guide the people of that country.

“The main problem in South Sudan is ideological. The groups there do not have a clear headed leadership to guide the people about their future” the Ugandan President say.

“They push the pseudo ideology of sectarianism of tribes & yet this is detrimental to the people’s well being. Force can’t solve the conflict.” President Museveni added.

The Uganda President, a man who has been seen as the main advisor to president Salva Kiir, calls on the “warring groups” to hold negotiations with aim to establish security sector and hold elections.

“The warring groups must hold negotiations aimed at two things, holding elections and reforming the security sector.” Museveni said.

Earlier this week, the Sudanese President, Omar Hassan el Bashir, made a similar statement calling for an inclusive political process saying that South Sudan will not have peace without including Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the leader of the main armed opposition party that controls wide areas in the country.

On the other hand, Kenya has accepted to re-deploy its forces in South Sudan through the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, a force President Uhuru unilaterally pulled out last year over a controversy involving a Kenyan general.

The withdrawal of Kenyan troops from South Sudan was seen by many observer as a red flag to derail deployment of Regional Protection Force in support of President Salva Kiir’s struggling leadership.

These changes in the region could be attempts to bail out IGAD from its deteriorating position and to re-establish some credibility and trust to lead the resuscitation process of South Sudan peace agreement.

All these countries are feared to have their own interests in South Sudan which could prolong the conflict for many years.

As Salva Kiir administration becomes more desperate to crush rebellion and singlehandedly restore peace and stability, each of these countries have signed some form of MOUs and Corporate Agreements that had very little or no feasibility studies.

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