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Dr. Lam says no measures against Changson, Chagor amid alliance row

Chairman of National Democratic Movement (NDM), Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin, File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

July 7th 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – No measures have been put in place against former Chairman of South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA), Gabriel Changson Chang, and leader of South Sudan United Movement (SSUM), Chagor Denay, for violating a 24-hour ultimatum put forth by six leaders of the alliance, Dr. Lam Akol said on Sunday.

Two days ago, six leaders of the alliance issued a statement calling on Changson – who is also the leader of Federal Democratic Party (FDP) – and Chagor to renounce a statement in which Changson said Chagor had been elected as the new SSOA chairman.

Changson refused and instead urged the six leaders of SSOA to revoke their statement and accept Chagor as the new leader of the alliance accusing Dr. Lam of being the architect of the rifts within the opposition consortium.

Speaking to Nyamilepedia on Sunday, Dr. Lam Akol, the Secretary-General of the alliance according to a new leadership unveiled on Friday, said there are no measures in place against Changson and Chagor. He said they only formed a new leadership after the two failed to honor the 24-hour ultimatum by not revoking their statement.

“What you call an ultimatum was to allow them to come back as we made clear in that statement. When they did not respond in the specified time we went ahead without them and formed SSOA leadership,” Akol said.

“No measures were lined up against them. Alliances are voluntary,” he added.

Asked if he is in fact behind the leadership crisis within the alliance as Changson claims, the prominent opposition leader responded: “Changson should tell you why he thinks I am the one behind the current leadership row within SSOA.”

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