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Deputy President Ruto banned from the party headquarters

Oct 2, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The Jubilee Party National Management Committee held consultations this morning to discuss the deputy President and his faction of lawmakers’ visit to the party headquarters yesterday.

Kenyan Deputy president Hon. William Ruto(Photo credit: supplied)
Kenyan Deputy president Hon. William Ruto(Photo credit: supplied)

The Secretary general Raphael Tuju described the situation as “an attempted power grab in the absence from the country of the Party leader, H. E. Uhuru Kenyatta.”

Tuju accused the deputy president of being arrogant, insolence and disrespectful to the H.E. Kenyatta.

“In the run-up to the events at the Party Headquarters yesterday, we have witnessed in recent days the following that are attributable to Deputy Party Leader, Hon William Ruto that has been an exhibition of arrogance, insolence and disrespect of President Uhuru Kenyatta who is also the Party Leader of Jubilee.” Tuju said in a statement.

Among the things that Ruto was accused of is unprovoked and inexplicable abuse of Mama Ngina by his political allies, his support for independent candidate when jubilee party has decided to field a candidate in the Msambewni by-elections, his conspicuous absence from the KICC Covid 19 conference and his hustler political campaigns.

“We have witnessed with sadness the very rude and unmitigated defiance in the free of this fervent wish and vision of our President by his constitutional principle assistant, the Deputy President, Hon. William Ruto.” The general secretaty said.

Tuju said that yesterday, the DP turned up at the Party Headquarters with more than 30 MPs which almost caused a confrontation close to 40 MPs not allied to him who also wanted to storm the headquarters.

The party Secretary General said that the DP is not allowed to use the party headquarters as a centre of operationalization of his 2022 campaign and to use the centre for intimidation of any potential opponent or party staff. H is also not allowed to use the party platform including a statement from the party headquarters to advance his divisive so-called hustler politics that are counter to the party and president’s platform of uniting the country, the fight against corruption and the Agenda Four item.

Tuju added that the NMC has recommended DPs removal as the party deputy leader.

“That the NMC has recommended to the NEC that the DP ceases to be Deputy Party Leader after he opened the so-called Jubilee Asili offices that is reserved for him and his allies until such a time that this development of Jubilee Asili is discussed at the NEC.” He said.

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